I’m bored. ?This shouldn’t come to a shock to you. ?I’m often bored. ?That’s why I do so much stuff. ?Don’t get me wrong. ?It’s not that I don’t have any thing to do. ?My list is a mile long of stuff that needs to get done, but who really wants to do the things that are needed. ?Do really want to do the touch up paint on the back of the house. ?No, but I need to. ?Do I really want to clean? ?No, but I need to (I can’t use the 100+ degree heat to put it off and we have a dinner party on Friday). ?I need to pull the clothes off the back line, I need to start some work on the food for Friday. ?I just don’t want to. ?I would rather sit around on my ass and read a book.

So in lieu of a post you get photos. ?The boy and I went to Blueberry Park yesterday for some freebie blueberry picking (for a Blueberry Ginger Sorbet for aforementioned dinner party). ?Sadly, the blueberries are not all ripe yet and it was a rather long hunt and peck for the little 2 1/2 pounds that we got. ?Oh, I’m not complaining. ?2 1/2 pounds of blueberries for free is awesome. ?What is not awesome is the $5.29 I paid for pre-made ravioli because it was late and I needed something for dinner.

unripe blueberries

Boy with Blueberries

Barely ripe

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  1. Jenni says: Reply

    I would love to go out and pick blueberries! Too bad more of them weren’t ripe for you. You got some great shots though!

    We just planted some blueberry bushes in our backyard. Hopefully they take this time and we’ll have some blueberries to pick next summer.

  2. mom says: Reply

    Nothing wrong with curling up with a good book. Our rat race sometimes forgets this! Awesome pics…
    Needed food for my soul.

  3. […] I carefully picked off all of the stems and flower end bits and froze the berries on a sheet pan so they didn’t stick together. ?I did the same with the Blueberries we gathered from Blueberry Park. […]

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