Pumpkin night

A vivid memory I have of childhood (more importantly of my parents still married) was pumpkin carving night. We would buy our pumpkin and store it in the garage until a few days before Halloween. My mom hates rotting pumpkin and didn’t want trick-or-treaters to see a mushy pumpkin on the front stoop.

On pumpkin carving night my dad would cut open the pumpkin, but I do believe mom scooped the guts. That part I’m not so sure on. I do remember picking out the seeds and squishing the slimy mess between my fingers. We’d carve two triangle eyes, a triangle nose and a crooked mouth. The perfect Jack-o-Lantern.

My mom soaked the seeds overnight and roasted them the next day. It was agony to have to wait a. whole. day. for them.

These kinds of memories are what I take forward as I make the same for my son.

Last year I was so tired from being a new mom that Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas were kind of a blur. I am making a point to do things differently this year.

We’ve slowly been collecting pumpkins on our front stoop. I have 2 sugar pumpkins from the girlfriend’s gathering at Terry’s Berries (one of which will be dinner this week). 1 sugar pumpkin is from the boy’s preschool field trip to the pumpkin patch last week. But sugar pumpkins are eating pumpkins. They don’t have the best seeds for roasting and they don’t make the best jack-o-lanterns.

Yesterday, we went to the park to feed the ducks and on the way home we stopped at the “Vegetable Store.” They had slim pickins for pumpkins, but we found just the right one. Granted not the smallest, but still a good one. Ok… it weighed 38 pounds. More than my son.

Today was pumpkin carving day for us!

The trusty husband cut off the top, I scraped the guts and the boy picked out the seeds. Although there was much complaining about the slimy nature of the stuff until I smeared his hands with it. And just to note, a 38 pound pumpkin does not yield an overabundance of seeds.

Here are some highlights of our adventure.

A father son moment


Why did I give this man a knife again?


Please note the boy’s hair. Evidently pumpkin guts are a new hair product.


And, at last, our pumpkin.


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  1. That hairstyle ROCKS…so proud of the little man for sporting a pumpkin-do. Diggin’ the pumpkin too!

  2. Jenny2 says: Reply

    Most excellent Pumpkin carving.

  3. Wonderful! I didn’t carve my first pumpkin until I lived on my own as an adult…but I remember my friend’s mom roasting the seeds – yummo! I love pumpkin seeds and wish I could make them without sacrificing a pumpkin.

  4. mom says: Reply

    What does that mean? ha ha! I moderate you? is that you? Lisa?

  5. mom says: Reply

    My computer is freaking me out so let me just say I loved his doo, see you Halloween night, and both grandpa and grandma are excited. Purchased a fog and strobe light for the evenings entertainment. Bye

  6. did you say 38 pounds?!?!

    Holy crap, woman, that is gynormous!!

    But I bet you have pumpkin seed deliciousness for days now… yummy.

  7. Harlequin "King" Jetta says: Reply

    I love the pumpkin, very creative …

    and I had the exact same thought when my husband was doing the big knife-wielding thing with my kids nearby “why did I give him the knife again?”

  8. Happy Halloween!! I love pics of memories in the making…

  9. Lauren says: Reply

    Funny. We did the pumpkin carving thing last night also. I put a picture of ours on my blog too. Must be the day for that. Although we didn’t have the cool hair to go with our pumpkins.

  10. Great Pumpkin!

    I love using a sugar pumpkin to make Thai coconut custard in it. If you google it there are some great recipes out there for it and it has great presentation!

  11. DebiP says: Reply

    cool…love this time of the year…

  12. I also have fond memories of pumpkin carving – and am working to help mine make those memories, too. We deseeded the almost rotten pumpkins a couple weeks ago, but actually carved 2 pumpkins this past weekend.

  13. Looks like a great (albeit messy) time was had by all! There’s something wonderfully childish about squishing pumpkin guts through your fingers! It brings back some wonderful memories!

  14. Jenny says: Reply

    I hope there are pictures of the boy tomorrow in whatever costume you fashioned.

    Since we have like the crabbiest twins in the land I will put them in the costumes sometimes and maybe walk them around but that is about it.

  15. Rhonda says: Reply

    Holy cow that pumpkin is HUGE. But, it looks awesome! Great job, and most importantly, you began a tradition with your son.

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