Pretty in Pink

If this doesn’t get you ordering chocolates I don’t know what will. The very nice FedEx man delivered our new Sweet Hope packaging this afternoon. We opted for an elegant pink and chocolate to make every mom feel special.

Our Sweet Hope sales have been a little slower than we had liked. I’m hoping a look at how stinkin’ cute these are will whip you all into a buying frenzy. If not I might have to resort to a little egging myself. And Easter is coming up so you know there are going to be lots of eggs in my house**.


So come on! Start buying. Sales end April 13th so you only have 2 weeks left. To order click that giant BEE LINK OVER THERE —–>

**I would link the post from last year where I had enough eggs to qualify as a chicken farm, but I haven’t the slightest clue as to what blog it was on.

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  1. It is possible that I am just really dense today but where is the ordering link? I could go for some more truffles but I will be darned if I can figure out how to order this time… I know I seriously need help lately!:-) That is one cute little Sweet Hope Bee but he is not a link darnit!!!

  2. I will do some advertising for you on my blog tomorrow. Hopefully it will help. I love the wrapping!

  3. Candy says: Reply

    Just placed my order had been meaning too:) my Mother’s Day gift to myself:) Gave up chocolate for lent and boy I am I craving some now, can’t wait to try them yummy and love love the packaging!

  4. I will decidedly NOT be ordering truffles this time around. Because they are GOOD. Seriously good. And there’s no way they will arrive at my house and not be eaten. My hips can’t take it.

    But, I will be making a Paypal donation to help with the next Sweet Hope award.

  5. Jessica says: Reply

    The packaging is cute! And rather reminiscent of your wedding colors… I remember you wanting to put me in brown while the rest of the gals were in raspberry! 🙂

    I’ll also add a post on my blog (and a link if I can figure out how; I’m not very web savvy) to help with the advertisement.

    I’ll have to hold out on getting some (for myself) until Nov/Dec at the earliest, depending on how the baby does with dairy (and if my dairy allergy has come back or if it’s just pregnancy related). I know they taste too good to have around the house as a temptation, and my mother-in-law would be offering them too me every time we visit if I get her some!

  6. DebiP says: Reply

    I would be happy to post a link on my blogger…tell me how..I will order before the due date…and the wrap is sooo darn cute…

  7. Michelle in AK says: Reply

    The new boxes should work out nicely to keep all the chocolates in place. I like the colors too. Good job!

  8. Rhonda says: Reply

    I love pink and brown together. That is so pretty!

  9. First off, I’d like to say that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new packaging! Those two colors together are awesome!

    Second, I think what you and your husband are doing is wonderful! I’ve talked to my husband about trying to do some sort of fundraiser for adopting families, but have yet to come up with any good ideas. I guess, I’m not that creative!

    Thirdly, I will be buying some come the first of the month (pay day lol). I plan on buying some for my friends who have not been able to become Mommies even after many years of struggling and losses for Mother’s Day. Just a little reminder to them that even though they lost their little one’s before experiencing the joys of Motherhood they will always be that child’s Mother!

    Thanks for doing this! You ROCK!!!! :o)))

  10. kate says: Reply

    Is Ann Marie helping you with Sweet Hope Chocolates? ;> They look yummy!

  11. kate says: Reply

    Hey, I just looked back and see none of my recent comments. I’m befuddled.

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