Please pray for my soul

I want to thank all of you who participated in this round of Coffee Talk. I know it is difficult for some to talk about their infertility, but at some point it really is good to share this kind of stuff. Personally I blissfully ignore the fact. Although this might be because I don?t know if we have made it to the ranks of full fledged infertiles yet or not.

I did want to say that Life of Elle is still going to take a hiatus until after September 20th. We are getting the heck out of dodge. Ok, not really, but a vacation sounds so much nicer. Wait…. vacation vs. finally becoming a mom. Yeah we all know which one is better.

So if you are a regular Life of Elle reader make sure you read Unexpected Miracles. My new mommy brain can?t remember all of those passwords to log into stuff so I am just maintaining the one blog. Upon my return I will be thrust into the depths of the mommyblogger world. I still say God Help Me! Please pray for my soul.

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