On the other side of a hospital bed

*This post was started Saturday morning and finished Monday morning. The post also contains probably more information than you really want.*

I’m home. Finally. If you asked me yesterday I was sure I was staying another day. It was not easy this hysterectomy thing. The procedure itself went well, but the recovery has been a little challenging.

I got a call Tuesday morning that said they’d move my time up from 2:15 to 1:20. I was happy about that, but once I got to the hospital they said the doctor had 2 patients in front of me. I didn’t go in until just at 2:00. Of course I complained about being hungry the whole time.

I was in recovery a little longer than expected because of pain. They couldn’t get a good handle on my pain level, but eventually made the decision to move me to my room. I kept complaining of pain in my room, but through it I was able to ask Derek what the doc ended up taking out.

They removed my uterus and cervix. Expected. He had to take both tubes and ovaries because they were encased in endometriosis. I also had 3 adhesions. Uterus to abdomen wall, uterus to bowels and both ovaries to the back of the uterus. The adhesion of the uterus to the bowel was so bad he had to leave a small portion of the uterus attached. All of this explains the amount of pain I was in prior to the surgery.

Once in my room I made such a fuss about the pain they finally hooked me up to a pain pump. They were trying to avoid it, but there was no getting around it. After that the nurses became concerned that my urine output was very low. The whole first night they came in every hour to check the urnine output and my vital statistic. At one point my heart rate was 114 bpm and my temperature was 95 degrees and I had only put out 30ml of urine. Despite all of that I was fairly chipper. I told the nurses aid that I don’t think I’d ever been so invested in my vital statistics. I would ask her what the numbers were every hour.

By Thursday morning my temperature came up and heart rate went down, but the urine output was still very low. I had only put out 130ml all night long. At that point they started paging the doctor. Doc came in and wasn’t concerned about the temperature and heart rate, but the urine output was troubling.

Later in the morning I was dozing and the nurse came in to feel my pulse. I was fairly out of it, but she was holding my wrist for quite a while. I opened my eyes and she gave me this look that I can’t quite describe. Then she turned to Derek and said, “I need you to wake her up every 5 minutes for me.” I’ve never been so scared in my life. My breath rate dropped to about 6 breaths per minute. Normally it is at least twice that. The nurse turned off the pain pump and they prepared to replace my catheter with a new one (sorry, I know TMI). At that point the doctor was also ordering more advanced bladder function tests. He was concerned that he may have nicked my bladder during the surgery.

They replaced my catheter and within an hour my urine output tripled. I was in a bit of pain and I kept trying to push the pain pump button, but it wasn’t working. I paged the nurse. She kept meaning to come in to fix the pump, but would get distracted. That ended up being a very good thing. As it turns out I had a reaction to the delaudid in the pain pump. A bad reaction.

After the drama with the urine and pain meds I was able to relax a bit and sleep more the second night. However, Friday morning I woke up in severe pain. That caused a whole new set of problems. I was already taking V1codin, I can’t take any oxy drugs, I had a bad reaction to delaudid, that left d3merol.

This is the real TMI part that I’ll skip. Let’s just say that it involves narcotic pain killers and some of the side effects and the fact that the doctor had to do some work on my bowels. You get the picture right? That taken care of I was free to go home!

Since I’ve been home recovery has still been a bit rough. Each day gets a little bit better and I keep reminding myself of that. There was so much more done compared to my last surgery. I’m still battling dizziness. That is my biggest challenge at this point. As soon as I can get off the pain killers that will go away.

Thank you all for your support and prayers. I need them.

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  1. Cindy says: Reply

    Wow! Can’t imagine going through all that! Praying you’re a new woman and pain free after you recover.

  2. Wendy says: Reply

    Sleep as much as you can and don’t over-do it. This was major abdominal surgery, not some sissy little procedure. You need time to heal physically and emotionally. Soon enough you will be back to kicking butts and taking names!

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