Official Bitch Day

Stephanie at Fabulously 40 contacted me a few weeks ago asking if I would be willing to promote “Official Bitch Day.”? Hmm… a woman with a category dedicated to nothing but bitch and moan… would I do it.? Uh yes.? She didn’t even care if I wasn’t 40.? I also said I’d mention that Official Bitch Day is October 1st.? Yeah… that’s tomorrow.? Talk about getting in under the wire.

I had an original plan to bitch about a particular topic, but then I took up my cause to do everything in my power to get Sarah Palin NOT elected.? So I thought I’d spend the day bitching about her.? The only problem is that I really don’t want to lose any readers and am limiting my com-Palin-ing to once a week.? Trust me when I tell you I have plenty to bitch about there.? So if I use my once a week tomorrow I’ll miss my opportunity to live blog the vice-presidential debate.? You heard that right.? LIVE BLOG Sarah Palin stupidity.

That means I had to come up with something good to bitch about for Official Bitch Day.? So I’m going back to my original topic.? Infertility.? Shocking I know.? I just have a little bit to say about it right now.? I also know that a few of my readers are in the same category as me.? Tomorrow I’m suspending first comment moderation to allow some of my lurkers to participate in the conversation in a timely fashion.? I want to hear your bitching.? Complain about your infertility struggles, past and present.? I want to hear them.? This is our day to do so.

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  1. Lauri says: Reply

    I was also contacted by Stephanie.. that chick gets around….. anywho I will be bitching for sure, can’t wait to read your post too

  2. Nancy in Redmond, WA says: Reply

    Hey, anytime you want to bitch about Palin I am SO there! Bring it on. I think you’ll just get more readers, not lose any! At least you won’t lose me. 😉

  3. I was contacted too and promptly forgot about it after reading the email. Someday I hope my brain cells will return!

  4. I agree: bitch about Sarah Palin! That woman scares me so much… and I’m a constituent! She doesn’t have to worry about fiscal responsibility because AK has an amazing budget. Oh, and I was surprised to learn that we can see Russia from Wasilla. Um, what about that large mountain chain between us and them? Not to mention the vast flat lands. Oh, and the Bering Straight. Ok, I will try to save it for tomorrow, and may actually post something about it. TTYL

  5. Stephanie’s been around 🙂 I think we should bitch every day…wait, I already do.

  6. mom says: Reply

    I too don’t like Palin either! Officially speaking on infertility… (Elle’s adopted) Millions of children out there that need a loving home. Ya wanna be parents? Go out there and find them! Myself? Who the heck really cares how they get there? Advocate for adoption!!!!
    Elle’s Mama

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