Mr. Ballot, meet Mr. Recyle Bin

I opened my mail box to find my Washington State Presidential Primary Ballot waiting for me. I considered walking straight from my mail box to my recycle bin, but thought it would be more fun to take photos of my ballot in the bottom of my recycle bin. So I did. I thought about leaving the ballot right there, but then realized that it contained personal information and thought it should be shredded. Even the shredder didn’t like it.

Why so much disdain for a bit of mail that should evoke such civic pride that I whip out my closest #2 pencil and connect the arrows? It could be because in order for my vote to count I have to sign some dumb oath. However, the oath ceases to bother me. Again, why the hate. Because in Washington my vote doesn’t count. Seriously. After reading the post card about the oath the trusty husband told me that he heard on NPR something about caucusing and such. I mildly listened, but was so bent out of shape about the damn oath I didn’t listen. It wasn’t until the next day when he pulled out the voter’s pamphlet that I listened.

The voter’s pamphlet states this:

The state Republican Party will use the Presidential Primary to allocate 51 percent of its delegates to the 2008 Republican National Convention. The remaining 49 percent of the delegates will be allocated based on caucus results. The state Democratic Party has decided to use caucus results to allocate its delegates to the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

So you are telling me that as a Republican my vote will only marginally count and the only candidates presented are crap. Then, if I want to vote for a candidate that is actually catching my eye it doesn’t count? What the hell?

Our county spent thousands of dollars to print material encouraging us to vote. They spent more to print a voter’s pamphlet showcasing the candidates, most of whom have dropped out of the race at this point and then the spent even more to print ballots that don’t count. What person in their right mind would shell out the 41 cents or whatever a stamp costs these days to vote when their ballot is just going to end up the same place I originally wanted to put it.

I could think of a few things the money used to send out these ballots could be used for. Say… fixing the potholes around our city. Or cleaning out my storm drain. Why the hell should I waste my time to even open the damn thing. So Mr. Ballot, meet Mr. Recycle Bin. Be grateful I’m recycling you and not dumping your ass in the landfill where it belongs.

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  1. Lena says: Reply

    Suppose your shredder didn’t want to consume too much money-wasting material at the same time … my shredder is picky like that too, a few sheets at a time, not a whole stuffed envelope at once.

  2. Liv says: Reply

    I was disappointed on our voting day as well to learn that my vote didn’t amount to squat. In FL, whichever party the ‘winner’ is affiliated with get ALL of the delegates votes. Hehee… I don’t even remember who won for FL…. but I know it was only over Clinton by 5%ish. He got all of the delegate votes and she got a friendly Southern kick in the tush. At least the Democratic candidates didn’t waste oil money by traveling here to campaign.

    And how disgusting is it that the candidates spend millions of dollars on their campaigns. How about pledging that money to their Presidency to sustain whatever programs they want to implement?

    I wonder if air time is a tax deduction.

  3. NEAL says: Reply

    Ah, yes. The conundrum of a party using taxpayer dollars to select their internal nominee.

    Fiscally responsible *psh*.

  4. It was a similar situation here. Crap, I tell you.

  5. That was a pothole?? Honey, you didn’t spend enough time in AK if you think that was a pothole! That was just a mild dip due to poor asphalt laying!

    I was hoping that Bush would actually fix (or preferably abolish) the electoral college like he said he would, but why would he fix the method that got him elected? It’s always nice to know that our “elected” leader wasn’t elected. Here’s to hoping that our new president, regardless of party, will actually fix our somewhat broken system. The electoral college made sense when it was first implemented. Now it’s an archaic piece of shit that should be tossed out with the recycled ballots.

  6. Becca says: Reply

    I am thinking that might be the case when we get our ballots for here in Oregon. I don’t see how our vote is really going to make any kind of difference. We don’t actually vote until May 20th and I wonder if it will all be said and done by then any.

    Another disenfranchised Republican…

  7. Elle says: Reply

    Jake, it wasn’t a pothole. I wasn’t about to drive around town trying to find a pothole. It is a dip in our driveway.

  8. Speaking as a stormwater geek, cleaning out your storm drains is your job, little missy. 😉

  9. mom says: Reply

    And that is why I despise politics!

  10. Elaine in Lynnwood says: Reply

    My ballot went straight to the shredder. There’s no point is wasting the postage since the vote won’t matter anyway. Really discouraging.

  11. Elle says: Reply

    And Chickadee, if you’ll notice I had to find the dirtiest spot of my storm drain and even that isn’t very bad.

  12. Nancy says: Reply

    Amen! I am not bothering to vote, if my vote doesn’t count. And who has time to go to a caucus??? I realize I’m setting a horrid civic example for my kids, but too bad, I’m ticked!

  13. I’m actually going to go caucus for the first time in my life because I am so determined to have my vote count. I had a Huckabee sticker on my van back in July when everyone was saying “Hucka-WHO?” so I feel like I gotta stick it out and vote even though the media has already declared McCain the winner. But man would I prefer to mark a ballot and be done with it!!

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