Meet the newest member of our family

I had a meeting at church yesterday afternoon so the trusty husband and the boy went home while I caught a ride with a friend. ?I walked in the door and the trusty husband said, “so I had an interesting phone call.” ?My response was, “should I get a drink first?” ?To that he said, “um, maybe… no… maybe.”

While I was at my meeting the trusty MIL called to ask if we were serious about actually getting a dog. ?We’ve been talking about getting a dog for well over a year now. ?We’ve searched almost daily on the Humane Society website for a dog that would be a good fit for our family. ?We found a Jack Russel mix that we thought was going to be a good one, but it was claimed by two people and there was a court case pending about it. ?We didn’t want to be involved in that. ?Then we did some researching and thought we had decided on rescuing a pit bull. ?We were working with a local pit bull rescue and were matched with a 7 year old female who was just a love. ?We did some thinking about it and realized that we were 3 months away from our last post placement report and didn’t know how biased our dumbass social worker was about dog breeds. ?While the Russians could not repossess our child, they could make it difficult for future families. ?Pit bulls have a bad enough rap, I didn’t want a family missing out on having a child just because our social worker was stupid. ?We also got to thinking about the dog’s age and how the boy would react to potentially only having this dog in his life for a short period of time. ?Back to the drawing board. ?A few months ago we found a boxer mix puppy on the Humane Society site that I thought would be perfect. ?The trusty husband had his heart set on a Boxer (me on a Pit Bull). ?I went to check out the puppy and some slack jawed yokels took her right out from under our noses.

We put dog finding on the back burner.

One of the trusty sister-in-laws works with a lady who breeds show boxers. ?Sis talked to the lady and they had a litter of puppies being born at the end of November. ?This particular breeder has some sort of agreement system if you adopt a show dog. ?I was going to contact her last week, but got distracted by something shiny and forgot. ?We also didn’t want to spend $800 on a championship line show dog.

Last week the trusty MIL mentioned that she saw boxer puppies in their paper. ?Really, was our response. ?Thus prompting the call on Sunday.

The trusty in-laws drove to the owners house because she had 2 little girls left. ?If we were serious they would get one for us. ?As we were approaching the Christmas Tree Farm (did I mention yesterday was Christmas tree day?) the phone rang. ?”When you are done getting your tree you need to come pick up your new child,” the trusty FIL said. ?Um, ok.

Last night this little girl joined our family.

She is a brindle Boxer Mastiff mix. ?She is 8 weeks old and has no name yet. ?When I’m not totally sleep deprived (not because of the dog, but rather the wind) I will tell you a little more about her and our first day together.

In the mean time… anyone have any suggestions on a name? ?We are having a rough go of it. ?The boy suggested Gemma (with a hard G) and the trusty husband said Bella. ?I don’t like either of those.



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  1. Kim hartman says: Reply

    Congratulations!! She is beautiful.

    Sorry I’m of no help with the name, I think the personality must fit the name, so…..sorry I am no help on that.

  2. Cute, cute, cute. I wish my MIL would buy me something I liked or wanted… like a puppy! I’m guessing I’m going to get the usual bath & body works basket that the store workers put together.

    ps – I prefer Gemma of the two choices. Bella reminds me too much of Twilight. So trendy. Does your child have friends from Australia or something… Gemma is such an Aussie choice.

  3. She’s precious! I’d name her Puddle based on how she’s ‘puddled’ in that last photo 🙂

  4. Lee says: Reply

    I thought of the name Nala (said like it looks, maybe you could come up with a prettier way to spell it) when I saw her. Can’t wait to see her, even B is excited! 🙂

  5. Kathou says: Reply

    Awww man i’m a sucker for puppies/dogs… she is the cutest thing, congrats!!

    I’m going to throw the name Roxy in the mix.

  6. Auntie G says: Reply

    Yeah, I guess she doesn’t really look like a “ducati” which is what O said his dog would be named…whatever dog you ended up with. How about Harlow? Or Hollie (since she’s a xmas present)? Or Ivy? Or Pinecone…Washer…Dryer? Just kidding on the last few. I can’t wait to snuggle her.

  7. i got no name for you.
    having lost our dog saturday seeing a puppy is a bit refreshing.

    our/kinda dog was Rory. We loved that name.

    what about lola or lulu or gertie or maxie.
    weird yes, but cute!

  8. Lena says: Reply

    OMG! Cute! All I have is Swedish dog names … you may want something that you can actually say without tripping over the words.

    But my grandma had a dog named Blackie (it was black), Kin (as in Harlequin) … and my favorite, although cat name, the Priest. It sure got her out of many phone calls when she said: “Oh here comes the Priest.”

  9. Velvet

  10. lauri says: Reply

    how about Sadie, Rosie, alice for names?

    cute pupster

  11. mom says: Reply

    Wow… that is too cool! Oleg must just be on cloud nine…Bbehaviors, be they good or bad usually solve the name dilemma. Elle, a dog owner… who would of thunk 😉
    I am in love with your newest member!!!!!!

  12. If I ever get a female puppy I am going to name her Sally. She will fit right in with our Sam. She is absolutely adorable, btw!!

  13. You probably don’t want my help. Our dogs are named Ken Griffey Jr. and Britney Spears.

    How about Madonna?

  14. She is very cute. So jealous. I’m a sucker for puppies.

    I like Gemma. How about Pippa?

  15. Maggie says: Reply

    Personally, I’m not a fan of people names for animals. It probably stems from the time I met a guy named Dane and the first words out of my mouth were “Oh! My sister’s dog is named Dane!” (The guy still asked me out though, so all’s well that ends well.)

    I like names that have a reason. Something about the animal’s appearance or personality. I really love Tatiana’s suggestion of Puddle. That’s too cute.

  16. Jenni says: Reply

    Oh my god, I LOVE her! How could you not, with a face like that? Can’t wait to hear what name you decide on.

  17. Tricia says: Reply

    So adorable! It looks like you already have a name but I love the names Duke (Thani’s rescue name) and Cooper (our foster’s name).

  18. Katie says: Reply

    I LOVE your puppy so cute. My mom told me all about it as our mothers are now OCD walking buddies. What a pair huh? Anyways she gave me your site and told me about the new puppy. I have a business selling dog collars called rhodie rogues. Let me know if you want one… I just got tons of new fabric that I have to post. Ill keep checking your blog so I can keep up with you guys.
    love you lots
    your cuz

  19. She is so sweet! I love puppies…it’s dogs I am less sure of…my dog in particular.

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