Living Gardening

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A few months ago a woman approached the boys (the nursery boys, not my boys…although they are my boys too) about the possibility of running a Living Social deal.  I had been harping on them about running a Groupon deal until I read an article about the pitfalls for small businesses of Groupon.  When the lady came in to talk to us about Living Social I was able to ask a few key questions and the answers eased my fears about running such a deal.  I don’t own the nursery I work for, but I do work for two very business savvy young men and I don’t want anything bad to happen to this little jewel of a nursery I work for.

After the nice lady left (I should probably mention she is a sales person) we hemmed and hawed over the deal, but eventually they came around to saying yes.  The plan was to run the deal during Earth Week.  Of course we weren’t sure which week was going to be Earth Week (this week or last) so basically we’ve been sitting around waiting for the deal to come up.  I’m pretty sure Travis knew when the deal was going to happen, but our communication is sometimes notes written on a newspaper.

In any event, today is the day.  GardenSphere is the Living Social deal of the day.  Spend $20 to get $40 of what you want.  If you’ve ever wanted an excuse to stop by this is a good one.

Spring is here and it’s a fantastic time to plant.


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