Just shoot me now

Since I?ve gotten the heavy stuff off my chest I thought my funny would return. Sadly brain capacity or lack thereof was not the culprit for my boringness. Evidently it isn?t sleep deprivation either. I have only woken up 2 times a night to pee the past week or so. Hey man that is a big deal considering I pee at least 5 times a night normally. Of course the second time is somewhere between 6 &6:30. Normally I would lay in bed and suffer, but somehow I seem to think that if I get up and pee I might be able to sleep that last hour between then and when the alarm goes off. Unfortunately my brain has other plans like oh… laying awake with the “Teddy Bear?s Picnic” song stuck in it. Stupid ass teddy bears.

My child has a fondness for music and begs for it on a regular basis. The bad news is the stereo I play his music on is located on the other side of my office wall. So when my toeheaded child comes in and says “mukik peez” and I can?t stand to say no I have to sit here and listen to classics like “If you?re happy and you know it” and “The itsy bitsy spider.” I?ve tried to pawn off other music, say mine, but apparently Cake and Dave Matthews Band are not his favorites. Either that or he?s so sick of listening to them in the car and is enacting his revenge upon me. So I lay in bed at the wee hours of the morning trying my damdest to not stomp my feet or clap my hands.

The boy is also further refining the art of clothing removal. Saturday morning greeted us again with a child in a diaper. Monday morning he decided it would be fun to wear his shirt as a skirt and then proceeded to remove that and with it went the pants. So I let him run around in a diaper. At least he hasn?t learned to take that off yet. He tried the same stunt Monday afternoon, but didn?t succeed in the pants removal.

Life has been so utterly boring this week I restorted to house cleaning as a form of entertainment. You know it?s bad when I voluntarily sweep the floors.

Yesterday I thought it would be a good idea to stop by the local tot-lot on the way home from a bank run. It never occured to me that the playground would be jam packed full of kids, but then of course it was 3:30 in the afternoon. Shows how smart I am. I watched as my child gleefully slid down the slide, jumped up and said, “again!” He did try to make a break for it at one point and I?m here to tell you that little bugger is fast! At long last he found the sand box and I had the chance to sit and eaves drop on the other moms there. Yesterday?s topic of conversation was preschools. 2 moms were talking about what preschools they were considering sending their childrent to in the fall. This is of particular interest to me as the boy will also be starting preschool in the fall. Both moms discussed the various preschools in the area. One trying to out do the other by saying they were sending their children to the Montessori school, the other to the better Montessori and then only to be out done by one saying they were looking into the Waldorf School. Good lord! Their kids will all end up at the local Presbyterian church. I tell you some moms have to just play the one up game constantly.

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