Just send my mother of the year award now and be done with it

Thank you all for your amusing stories.? I know the parameters were difficult, but those of you who participated did a fantastic job.? Unfortunately I’m sick at the current moment and even writing this post is far beyond my capacity to function.? To top things off the trusty husband is on a business trip, and we all know how that goes.? Considering the cats may not have been fed this morning and I definately didn’t put out the garbage can.

So the winner and the interview with the boy will have to wait until tomorrow.? In the mean time I’m going to go put on a good mom face and try not to hack and cough all over the other parents at the Mother’s Day party at the boy’s school.? And I forgot my camera (and cell phone) shocking.? So I can’t even take photos of this monumentous moment of cuteness.

Just send my mother of the year award now and be done with it.

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  1. DebiP says: Reply

    Oh EL feel better..I hate being sick and having responsibilities outside the usual

  2. mom says: Reply

    You sure haven’t had good luck this winter! Most likely due to your germ magnifier and my beautimus grandson. My first Mother’s day party was with your kindergarten class. All of you sang while waving at your mommy’s sitting in the audience. There wasn’t a dry eye! Good luck today… luv, mom

  3. Hey, nothing wrong with being sick. We all get sick, it’s part of living, and everyone understands. Don’t be so hard on yourself! D will return soon, and then you can go crash in bed and let him take care of O. Get better soon!

  4. Lena says: Reply

    Sorry to hear you are sick again. I hope CS returns soon.

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