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Ever since the trusty husband read “In Defense of Food” he’s been on a health food kick.? Did you hear that?? That was my husband yelling at the computer screen that it’s not “health” food, it’s just food.? Real unadulterated food.? Now did you hear that?? That’s him doing his best Gordon Ramsay *Simple. Rustic. Food*? Couple Michael Pollan with Gordon Ramsay and I’m surprised we can eat anything.? In fact, my dear husband is doing his damnedest to get me to stop shopping in the grocery.? It’s hard this time of year with our significant lack of open farmers market and the closest one 40 minutes, expensive gas and parking away.? (We have to wait until May 15 for our local market to open.)

My trusty husband is not trying to save the planet, he’s just trying to save his body.? And mine and the boy’s.? He went to the grocery yesterday and said he nearly had a panic attack.? He started reading ingredients.? Have you ever done this?? I’m sure you have.? All of us have.? But how many times have you put something back simply because there were more than 5 ingredients listed?? I’ve put back things because I couldn’t pronounce the ingredients.? I’ve looked at a box of crackers and saw high fructose corn syrup and put that back.? But the trusty husband.? Won’t by anything with more than 5 things listed.? And those 5 ingredients must be pronounceable and real food.? (save that jar of peanut butter I just bought.)

So where does that leave Miss Gluten & Dairy Free? Well… reading “In Defense of Food.”? The husband assures me this book will give me plenty to write about.? We are doing our best to make sure this blog serves as a great public service.? If that means brow beating you into *gasp* not buying that 15th box of Girl Scout cookies then our job is done.? Really this is for your benefit.

Side note to this week’s menu… the crab rangoon are not gluten free because I don’t want to go to the asian market to find rice wrappers and we have extra crab from last night’s dinner that needs to be used up.? And the Pad Thai noodles… packaged.? But the tortillas for the fajitas, making those.? As well as the fajita seasoning.? Have you ever read the ingredients on the package of fajita mix?? I don’t know what half that shit is, but it sure isn’t food.

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  1. Hey, if that curried pumpkin phad thai with cashews turns out, can you try to remember how you did it and share the recipe? That sounds really good to me. Oh, and good luck.

  2. Diana says: Reply

    Good luck. I wish I had that kind of dedication… I’m just trying to eat healthier (aka not college food like pizza and take out anything). Maybe someday I’ll switch to something more elaborate. Baby steps for now.

  3. NEAL says: Reply

    This from “if it’s on a salad, it’s healthy” guy?


    I’m reading Heat and next is Omnivore’s something or rather …

  4. I was just telling someone that the 2 months I lived in Guatemala were the healthiest of my life. I bought everything at the open air market. The meat scared me so it was all beans, veggies, and fruit. And I walked everywhere, every day with a 18 lb child strapped to my chest. But maybe all the beer I consumed after said child was in bed wasn’t the healthiest thing…that was more of a mental health issue.

  5. I need to start reading labels. I am going to start doing that. You are right. I should be able to pronounce everything I eat.

    Farmer’s markets are awesome.

  6. You are dedicated. It’s impressive. I’m happy with myself for doing the C25K program and taking a multivitamin. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to resist a thin mint. Sorry to disappoint.

  7. Melinda says: Reply

    Delurking because this so strikes home. I finished reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle in November. After all of the local markets closed. Right before the holidays. Let me tell you, after a month of grocery shopping that produced almost no actual food in the cupboards due to my newfound scrutiny of the contents and/or source of all that is edible, the family declared mutiny. My teenagers have been rolling their eyes at my food fussiness for years (no soda, whole grains almost exclusively, etc.) but the locavore thing nearly pushed them over the edge. Sigh. I guess we will try again in May when the markets open!

  8. It’s a great book and very thought provoking. We were forced to elliminate all sugars in our diet except for those naturally occuring (oldest has bad reaction to them. It wiped out our pantry, we had enough left to fill a shoe box, I think. Even canned veggies (especially corn) have sugar in them! Add to it MSG, Hydrolized blah-blah-blah, and anything else ending in -ose or unpronouncible and it really limits you (at least it feels like it for awhile.) A year into it and I am feeling better than ever and some major health (physical and mental) goals have been accomplished in our house. Keep at it, you’ll be so glad down the road and there will come a day when the ice creams and candy bars really do not appeal to you that much. I’ve done it for a year with a husband that isn’t on board, you can do it!

  9. Jenny says: Reply

    I’m eating raw cookie dough right now. With fake coco chips and PB chips.

  10. I look at the saturated fat and sodium levels, and if it doesn’t scare the hell out of me, I buy it. I also must admit that if an item’s packaging is ugly, I can’t buy it. A good layout will get you a place in my cupboard.

    And Jenny should share her raw cookie dough treat.

  11. What kind of peanut butter are you buying??? Mine has four ingredients – only because it’s no stir: peanuts, palm oil, cane sugar, & sea salt. It’s the best tasting PB we’ve found: MaraNatha No Stir Organic Crunchy peanut butter.

    For those of you who don’t have the advantage of a year-round open market, I’ll highly recommend you look into doing a CSA – community supported agriculture. We’ve been using Full Circle Farms (located in Carnation, WA, and they ship to AK), and it has made a huge difference in what we eat. Some of our local farms are organic, but our growing season is so short that it’s hard to get stuff, and there isn’t a whole lot of variety. Our grocery stores that carry organic produce tend to have unripe and/or mealy stuff – apples shouldn’t taste like sawdust!

  12. Esther says: Reply

    I had to go gluten-free, dairy free, egg free for several years. Too long of a story. But along that path, I found the Betty Hagman books. She is a cook and author. Best out there for Gluten free. I gave those books of mine to a friend who is now in the same boat. So I forget the exact spelling of the author. Bette Hagman?

    Books, “the gluten-free gourmet” series. AWESOME!!!!!

    Also, the “Breadmaker Ultimate Plus” breadmaker accomodates gluten-free recipes. I bought mine at Sears, and it came with gluten-free recipes.

    I feel for ya. I did that routine for years………………………..

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