It’s the work’s fault

As mentioned in the past my actual job, as in the one someone pays me for, is doing the monthly publication for our church. A pretty little 23 page “newspaper.” It isn’t much, but I like doing it and they are willing to pay me for it. Can’t argue with that. The deadline that is set for submissions is the 15th of every month. Each month I sit down to write a reminder email to our staff reiterating them of the deadline. This week has been a little hairy with a cranky child resulting in a cranky and exhausted mom. So I didn’t get to write my email until tonight. I sit down at the computer and a little while later the trusty husband brings me a glass of wine. Oh the benefits of working from home. The funny thing is when I open my email box there are 23 emails waiting for me. Odd, I don’t remember sending out the reminder yesterday. The staff and other authors were spot on this month and had the majority of their submissions in on time!

I go about my business of responding to emails and thanking everyone for getting things in on time. All the while that glass of wine is sitting right in front of me. I had maybe one small sip. Before I know it I am in the middle of typing an email and godammit if that glass doesn’t jump off the desk and land upside down in my lap. We are talking e.n.t.i.r.e. glass of wine. So much RED wine that it soaked through my sweatshirt, onto my t-shirt, down my pant leg, soaked one whole foot, through my jeans, and straight through to my underwear. Now that, my friends takes talent. Pure unadulterated talent.

I have to say it is pretty bad when you have to change everything you are wearing. Oh and yes, I did try to suck the wine out of the clothing before putting them in the wash. Hey, I’m not above wasting good wine. Don’t judge me.

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  1. NEAL says: Reply


  2. Hey, you’re modern-day Thoreau. Instead of sucking the marrow out of life, you’re just sucking the wine out of clothing. Own it.

  3. Jenny says: Reply

    isn’t it wonderful when you don’t have to hound people. AND isn’t it crappy when you spill perfectly good wine!!!

  4. heh heh…I’m a wine junkie as well

  5. Jessica says: Reply

    Heh, but did CS try to suck the wine out of your clothes? 😉

  6. Elle says: Reply

    I believe that this constitutes alcohol abuse. And no Jake, I didn’t try to suck the wine out of her clothes.

  7. Elle says: Reply

    Ok, that last comment was from the trusty husband. He didn’t try to suck the wine out of my clothes because I beat him to it.

  8. Jessica says: Reply

    Elle! I’m disappointed with you! If the boy is busy (or better yet, asleep!), you should have had CS “help” you get cleaned up! 🙂 For those of you who don’t know me, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Elle for close to 21 years, and I LOVE to tease her and CS (whom I introduced to each other) at every oppurtunity! It just isn’t always rated PG. CS, shame on you for not taking advantage of the situation! 😉

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