In a heartbeat

I’m not sure if I shared this with anyone or not.  After I finished the great candy-a-thon last year I asked my dear friend Willow if she would come over and take photos.  I had packed 740 individual boxes of candy.  That was a feat.

Willow was so kind and at 9:00 on a Tuesday night she came over and made us rearrange our entire family room to get the shot.  It took us a good 20 minutes to haul in all of the boxes and set them up.  She snapped a few photos and most of them were quite humorous.  One turned out to be the best.

Why did I do that?  I knew that I would probably never make 4700 truffles again.  It was ridiculous.  I wanted to document that achievement.  However, I never shared the images.

I was going through a few files on my computer and came across the photos she took.  The first thing I thought (besides, wow, I’ve lost a ton of weight) was holy crap that’s a lot of boxes.  It was.

I don’t want to do that again.  I simply can’t make 4700 truffles and 2600 caramels and still keep my sanity.  I’m ok with less.

Would I do it again if I had that many orders?

In a heartbeat.

This is me with all of the boxes.

You can’t see all of the boxes in the first photo… So here is what 740 boxes of candy looks like.  Yes…  I would do it again

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