If I felt better you’d get more

I’ll throw this out there that I’m writing this post on Wednesday, but you are reading it on Friday. ?That whole post-dating stuff thing.

The trusty husband scheduled us for hair cuts today (Wednesday). ?Yesterday I was all excited about it. ?I haven’t had a haircut since August. ?Then this morning the boy climbed in bed with me and started to pet the cat. ?I was mostly asleep and didn’t notice. ?When I woke up I got distracted by making the boy’s lunch and forgot to take my allergy medication first thing. ?That path always leads to disaster. ?By the time I remembered to take my medicine it was too late.

All day long I’ve been in either a drug induced stupor or sneezing my head off. ?I’m pretty sure that I have worn off about 8 layers of skin off of my nose.

What does an allergy attack have to do with getting my hair cut? ?Nothing much really. ?Just that they happened in the same day and I had taken so much allergy medication that I nearly fell asleep in the chair.

Now if I were feeling better I would totally take a picture of my hair and show you how cute it is. ?Picture this:


Yeah… I’m hott like that. ?Keep picturing that I look like Jessica Alba and not rudolph the red nosed reindeer. ?Ok, my hair is not that blonde, but rather mostly my natural color with gold, blonde and red highlights with a little wash out purple underneath. ?It’s also a little shorter and I totally look like Jessica Alba.

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  1. Daisy says: Reply

    Falling asleep in the chair can be dangerous when there are sharp objects clicking around your head! Glad all is gorgeous.

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