I was going to write about turkey

I was going to write about turkey, but since that is so 4 days ago I won’t.? Our Thanksgiving turned out nice despite my slight mishaps.? No homes were burned down in the process, so we’ll call it good.

I also won’t bore you with tales of chocolate.? After the past month I am sure you are getting tired of it.? But for those who follow my Twitter feed… I’m sorry.? It’s going to be the all chocolate all the time channel for a while.

Instead I’m going to do the Nelson* dance over here and gloat about how I have 90% of my Christmas shopping done.? That’s right.? Done.? And!? And, I didn’t even have to step foot in a mall.? This year I am taking the Handmade Christmas pledge.? 99% of my gifts this year are handmade.? The only exception will be the boy’s.? I am not capable of making a bike or a guitar and a 4 year old does not need a handmade guitar.

At this point my whole family is making that noise.? The one that says, “oh dear lord not a hand knitted ugly sweater.”? Have no fear family dear… your gifts will kick ass this year.? You see… I’m not making all of them.? I hand selected everything from various artists and am letting them do the work.? Smart girl wouldn’t you say?

So this is where I want to hear from the internets.? What do you think of handmade gifts?? Love them, hate them?? And would you ever consider making the Handmade Pledge?


*A stupid dance the trusty husband’s bff does when he gets to gloat about something.

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  1. My plans for this year’s holiday shopping (except for kids) centers on either handmade, northwest-made or “waste-free.” (See http://www.cityoftacoma.org/wastefree)

  2. joel413 says: Reply

    Our take this year is no one over the age of 8 outside our house is getting a gift!

    The minor exception will be the Santa pic of the kids to grandmas.

  3. I have bought quite a lot of things off etsy for Christmas gifts this year (and made some things as well.) I’m rather excited about them, and LOVE them all. It just seems more in line with the true meaning of Christmas, more thoughtful and less commercial. I don’t think I could take the handmade pledge completely though, esp. with four kids. It wouldn’t go over as well with them, I think. And, I can’t make guitars either, although: if you REALLY want to take the handmade pledge, there are craftsmen who make them. (We had one custom made for our daughter who plays…but, they aren’t cheap.)

  4. Forgot to add that I really love your Christmas header. It’s one of my faves you’ve made so far. And…how’s that chocolate coming along??

  5. Lauri says: Reply

    I think handmade gifts are awesome and thoughtful, don’t think I am crafty enough to make that pledge.

  6. I love home made gifts – assuming they aren’t of the variety that involve an empty margarine tub and brown work glove (it was turned into 5 puppies in a basket – don’t ask). My SIL and her hubby are both creative and they make gifts every year – those are always my favorite gifts. Sometimes it is framed photos they have taken. One year it was some slab pottery pieces, another year they did ink prints from some sort of stamp they cut, last year it was large cork boards they painted in a cool fashion and then framed with a nice thick frame – it was almost too pretty to pin things on. I tend not to be that creative but would certainly be happy to give things made by other people. I love unique gifts.

  7. Andrea says: Reply

    I think handmade gifts are like any other gift– if the gift is something that really suits the receiver, yes, that’s awesome. Obviously a crocheted potholder for somebody who doesn’t bake very much would kind of be a waste, but any time my aunt wants to turn out a batch of her homemade candy . . . no way will I say no 😛

  8. Ree says: Reply

    I’m all about the handmade gifts. They are far more precious than anything available at Target. 😉

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