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Normally I’m not your paranormal romance type. ?I haven’t seen the movie Twilight. ?I haven’t ready any of the books. ?It’s just not my bag. ?I’m more of the historical fiction, horror or biography kinda gal. ?I also like a good documentary type book. ?Earlier this year I was contacted by one of my readers and budding author to create a website. ?It helped that she’d purchased Sweet Hope chocolates from me (I’m a sucker for anyone who buys my chocolate). ?She was starting her writing career and needed a website. ?Her genre… paranormal romance. ?Wow. ?Really long story short I created the website (with the help of a local artist) and Rebecca’s writing career took off. ?Since the launch of her website Rebecca has sold (I think) 3 books and 1 short story.

Yesterday I was very privileged to put a special button on her website. ?A buy now button. ?Yesterday, Rebecca Royce’s first book was officially released. ?I haven’t read the book so I can’t tell you my opinion of it. ?However, from getting to know her I am only guessing it is a winner. ?So I’m encouraging everyone go buy “Her Wolf.”

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  1. I hate to admit it, but I always thought I’d be with you on the genre. I hate romance, and while I can do sci-fi and fantasy, it better be damn good before I pick it up. However, I did read Twilight, and to my own dismay I fell like a thirteen year twitard. Only it’s more embarrasing now. Ahem. The movie sucked, but the books are popular for a reason… just sayin’. I am now tempted to check out the book above since I can no longer say I don’t like the genre.

  2. Elle,
    Thank you so much for your endorsement, it means a ton, and I hope its good. LOL. Its been so nice getting to know you too and your work on the website is stunning. Thank you for all of your help. I couldn’t have done it without you!!

    PS Count on me ALWAYS buying chocolate. Its a must around here.

  3. Ok, let me say, my fav vampire book is the Historian. A fabulous book about history and drama and not romance, kinda romance but not really.

    Then I watched freaking twilight…LOVED IT. And it makes me want to read the historian again (a book that took me 2 months to read but alas the infertile hating people borrowed it).

    Will look into this one.

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