Flame of Fortitude


(I totally want to redo that graphic)

Since I’ve been given this award twice now I suppose I should post about it. I’ve also been given the Nice Matters Award, but honestly I can’t seem to remember who gave it to me. It may have been Lauri, but it is a distinct possibility that I was slightly inebriated when I read the post. Thus the not recalling who gave it to me. I didn’t think I’d get one simply because of my excessive use of the words shit and fuck. My sounding like a sailor on occasion doesn’t mean I’m not nice. It just means that my child will blend into middle school flawlessly.

So Starfish* and Esther both granted me the Flame of Fortitude. This means I’ve embodied perseverance in the face of difficulty. This means I’ve nearly lost my shit on more than one occasion waiting 2 years to bring a child home. That doesn’t include the near 2 years of cycle after cycle of no pregnancy. I just didn’t blog then. The award goes on to say that I shared the journey of your experiences with others proving that a single voice can both be a light of support and a source or humor for those in the midst of their struggle. Yes. I’ve blogged since here and thrown out a funny post or two. Hell, I’ve dedicated a whole category to funny.

So thank you to my sisters for granting me this award. Most of my sisters in the struggle have been given this award already, but the ones I want to acknowledge specifically are Tricia, Rhonda, Lauri and Margaret. Without these 4 ladies I would have certainly gone nuts somewhere around the December 2005 or January 2006 mark. You are some of the most remarkable women I know and I am so proud to call you my friends. I would love to have all 5 of us in one room together one day. And now that Tricia has her referral it would be even better to have all of our children in the same place.

These are the words for the actual award:

“You are receiving this honor because you have embodied perseverance in the face of difficulty and shared the journey of your experiences with others proving that a single voice can both be a light of support and a source or humor for those in the midst of their struggle. You are acknowledged here today for allowing others to share in your personal story and providing camaraderie through the power of your words.
Each of you has faced a struggle that seems insurmountable to others and you have persevered. For some of you this resiliency was always a part of your character and for others, it was your struggle with infertility that awakened it from deep within you. Regardless of passion, stubbornness, a calling to a greater purpose or a refusal to admit defeat, you are an eternal flame of commitment. You are a veteran of your circumstances and you deserve recognition for your journey.”


*Who was also the inspiration for calling it MoFoBloPo as stated here.

**And yes TC, I have now become the 10:00 poster once again. Hey, cut me some slack. My house was full of teenage girls.

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  1. Can you tell I’ve been home the last couple days playing nurse? I so needed you to post earlier … 🙂

  2. Lauri says: Reply

    Thanks a bunch

  3. Tricia says: Reply

    girlfriend, you’re great. i couldn’t have done this without you. we’ve been excited about our referral, but sharing it with you and the group has made it that more special.

    i value your friendship more and more everyday. you, and rhonda / lauri / margaret, “get it” and have been with me every step of the way. you guys have been there everyday for almost two years! i can’t say that for any of my real life friends, and my family either.

    i need some sweet hope chocolate!

  4. Rhonda says: Reply

    Thanks girl. I wish we could all get together and drink to Tricia’s news. I absolutely cannot WAIT to hear how her trip goes.

  5. Holy crap, I’d love to redo that graphic too. Who can we contact? Gotta get paid for that you know…

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