We have a new game to play. ?The boy sometimes gets words a little wrong and came up with this one this afternoon. ?Actually it was Frajerol, but I wasn’t paying attention when I did my little graphic so it’s Flajerol. ?Anyway, when he said it the trusty husband and I started laughing and thought is sounded like the name of some product or medicine. ?Then we spent the afternoon coming up with good taglines for it.

We thought we’d make it a game with the internets. ?Come up with a good tagline for Flajerol and post it in the comments. ?If you can come up with one better than the trusty husband’s you may receive a valuable prize… or not. ?Our prize patrol is pretty half-assed around here.

The trusty husband’s tagline is:

“You know… for your cooch.”

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  1. Kim Hartman says: Reply


    It’s not just for breakfast anymore.

    great idea, btw.

  2. Lee says: Reply

    Too funny! What was O trying to say with this word?

  3. Trusty Husband says: Reply

    He was trying to fragile

  4. At our house, fragile comes out “fragical”. I like it.

  5. Flajerol: a somersault with a toot.

  6. Auntie G says: Reply

    When Gas-X doesn’t cut it….

  7. joel413 says: Reply


  8. joel413 says: Reply

    The previous tag line comes from my wife. You’ll have to ask her.

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