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This post will be right up Lauri’s alley.? We know that girl lurves her a good hair post.? I’ve been stuck in a hair limbo for evah.? I haven’t truly loved my hair in well over a year.? I don’t know if it is me or the lady who cuts my hair.? I’ve been goin to the same lady for at least 14 years.? I know.? That’s a long time for one stylist.? Problem is, she goes through jags where she gives crappy hair cuts.? She has a bit of ADD (like many of us artistic types do) and when she over extends herself (like launching her own styling product line) her hair cuts go down hill.? Fortunately her colorist abilities have not.? Which is a damn good thing because the woman used to be a colorist at Vidal Sasson in NY city.? Needless to say I haven’t been happy with my hair and I need a change.

I’d really like to change stylists, but am also afraid of what a real haircut costs these days.? I pay $75 for cut and color simply because Derek and I were this woman’s first customers when she came to work in Washington.? Score I know.

Trouble is, I hate training new stylists (thus going to the same woman for 14 years).? I won’t go unarmed.? I need a photo of a good haircut (and color).? For a while I wore my hair like Kate Gosselin, and I actually liked it.? But the longer part was always in my face.? I’m forever pinning back the front of my hair.? Unfortunately, I don’t have a digital photo of myself prior to 2006 so you can’t see how short my hair used to be.? We’re talking Halle Berry short.? So I’m no stranger to short hair.? I thought about growing my hair out again, but then realized that when it was long it was always pulled back.? That’s no fun.? The other issue is that I don’t always look the best when my hair is super short when my face is a little rounder (like it is right now).

To give you an idea, this is me not long after I got my hair colored somewhere around January 9th.? This look took lots of straightening and well… work.


So here’s what I need. I want suggestions from you.? Links to photos would be helpful.? I’d like to stay with the darker brown hair.? Something short, but not so short that it makes me look like a cancer patient (I’ve done that look).? I don’t do straight across bangs and remember, my hair is naturally wavy (read: ugly half assed curly).? Help me oh internets.

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  1. I love my new hair person. Here’s her salon’s blog:

  2. Lauri says: Reply

    yeah.. a hair post… I loves me a hair post.. I got one drafted too. I am in the same boat with my hair girl.. I think i need a change and a new girl. I just keep getting the same bob cut. Right now I am in project grow out and then I am doing bangs & layers.

    Let me see..for you.. I think a medium/short shag would look great… something peicy, layered and some face framing layers & side swept bangs. I wish I had thick enough hair to pull this off. Something you could just let air dry or put some pomade into and work it out.

    This one is so cute and would be a little more edgy than what you have

  3. Jan Bartel says: Reply

    I am wanting to something different also but no idea what. One website that I want to check out but haven’t yet is, I think that you can upload a picture of yourself and try out different hairstyles. Something to check out anyway. Hugs, Aunt Jan

  4. No help here. Just agreeing that I hate new stylists. I went to the same person for 10 years and then switched to her hubby when she went on maternity leave. Now we’ve moved several times and it is traumatizing to have to get a new stylist each time. Hence my crappy hair because I hate doing it.

  5. I think I heart Lauri and need her assistance also. I like your hair curly, but that is because mine is straight and we always covet the curls. Maybe I should give that up for Lent: curly hair.

  6. So funny that you wrote this post- there must be something in the air. I don’t have a regular stylist. I’ve been getting a trim with layers for years- then I wear a ponytail or a hat most of the time. I got the itch to do something different Sunday night and went to hairmasters Monday morning and got bangs for the first time since I had a pixie 8 years ago. I liked it yesterday when I was wearing my contact lenses. Today I wore glasses with my new bangs and I had a flashback to 5th grad. And now my forehead feels all greasy. Looks like I’ll be wearing my contacts more often or it’s back to the hat.

  7. mom says: Reply

    Lauri definitely has some great ideas. You are one of the lucky ones who has an array of choices (I love all of hers!) I love the shaggy look with layers… that’s got my vote. By the way… you’re beautiful just the way you are!

  8. Heather says: Reply

    You are such a silly girl! You are beautiful all the time no matter what your hair looks like! I loved the Kate Gosslin look, and I loved your look on Saturday too. My dresser costs $85, she is in Yelm at Bon Jon’s Legacy…mom uses her too! She is kinda a ditz, but she is good. Then I can have me some O time too while you get your hair done! love you 🙂

  9. I dunno anything about suggestions, but I delurk to mention you are totally cute with the style you’ve got.

  10. Amy says: Reply

    I must say Elle…I think you are darn adorable with you hair as it is! How about scrappin’ a cut and letting it grow?

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