Finally a boy

Not to sound like one who stereotypes people into certain rolls, but my child has been a bit of a girl. Granted he’d never had a sand box to play in until 20 months ago or he was probably scolded for playing in the dirt. But I’ve tried everything in my power to make this child appreciate the life lessons that a good soiling can teach you. Such as God made dirt so dirt don’t hurt. Bad grammar aside, this child couldn’t stand dirt.

Last year when I was planting my containers I had to physically grab his hands and put them in the soil. He is so freaked out about things on his hands play-doh has become my worst nightmare. Heaven forbid the child not have a napkin at a meal time. Thank God he finally learned how to use it instead of insisting on having one and then screaming when he got the slightest bit of yogurt on his thumb. And one would think that telling the child to just lick it off would work, but not my child. Oh no. The inside of his mouth is wet. That would just be silly.

However, on the side of our house is a massive pile of dirt*. 5 yards to be exact. 5 yards of really nice topsoil that will eventually become a few raised beds and fill in a few low spots in our yard. To the child, this is a mountain. A little mountain he can climb. Except, he’d get dirty. So yesterday I took off my shoes and showed him how fun it was to climb the mountain.

Lo and behold, my child thought it was fun. Not as much fun as playing in my car for 2 hours straight (that kept him out of our hair while we dug holes), but fun.

Tonight we had a nice dinner and the trusty husband said he was going out to shovel some dirt. After I made out with him for a little bit I followed him out to watch. I’d done my shoveling today. I wasn’t about to run a wheelbarrow around our yard a minute more. While he shoveled and I watched the boy took off his Crocs and climbed the hill. And climbed the hill, and climbed the hill. He let his father shovel scoopfuls of dirt on top of him. He laughed and laughed. Greatest time ever.

My child was thoroughly covered in dirt. Or at least his hands and feet and clothes. Because frankly he had a freak out incident when I tried to zip the lower part of his Gramichis off. But that’s a whole different story.

*I get paid more if you call it soil.

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  1. NEAL says: Reply

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. Carrie says: Reply

    That’s great! Kids are made to get messy though I’ll admit that sometimes I wish my boy were a little MORE discriminating when it comes to getting dirty. I let him out of my sight for 30 seconds as I was unloading groceries this afternoon and found him sitting out in the rain in a huge mud puddle…splashing of course! My girls and I all watched in horror from the safety of the garage and then I had to run out and drag him kicking and screaming into the house and some warm dry clothes… ah, good times!

  3. mom says: Reply

    Dirt and boys mix well together. Another wonderful experience… bug, slug and spider catching. Oooeee….

  4. Lauri says: Reply

    Super Cute pics

    from the get go I taught Livi ” that’s ok.. your washable”.. she also would freak out if her hands got dirty…. now she has no issues with that and she will often say..” Mama I am washable.. right?”

  5. How fun! My boy is not afraid of dirt or sand, as long as it is outside, where it is supposed to be. Now, if he finds any inside, he freaks out…and the messy hands at the table also gives cause for concern for him. Glad your boy is a boy! 🙂

  6. kim says: Reply


    there is something magical about dirt and little boys! Does he care for bugs or worms yet? My son will worm hunt for hours in the yard, but if a spider is anywhere in sight, he is in the house, shaking…’s all very comical, he won’t let me suck them up in the vac, he swears they will come back out when we are sleeping and “pay me back”…he’s 7.

  7. DebiP says: Reply

    at the age our boys are they are like Russian twins doing everything the same…we recently had the same experience and while it has not made its way a lot of getting dirty it is getting better…he actually took his boots off to walk barefoot yesterday…shocked the heck out of me but I kept my mouth shut….good for you O…and the car thing…it is so Griffin too he could play in our cars for an entire day if we let him!!

  8. Wendy says: Reply

    Dirty little boys are terrific. I can certainly relate!

  9. Great pictures! I’m glad he’s finally exploring the world of dirt! Ahem, soil. It’s so much fun to play in!

  10. Bev says: Reply

    You are SO busted . . . 2 hours playing in YOUR car??? Ahem! MIL :-))

  11. My boy would cry at the slightest speck. If he get damp or even the slightest bit wet from a puddle or rain he changes his clothes.

    Recently though, he’s discovered the joys just like your boy and he just digs right on in and finally makes his mama proud.

    As an aside, I credit his adversion to all things dirty with making potty training a piece of cake! Not sure if you to that stage yet or not, but I bet it’ll be pretty easy.

  12. LOVE these pictures. Too cute.

    Glad to be back from vacation and catching up on my favs in bloggerland. Looks like you’ve been busy lady.

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