Did the feminists make us fat?

For the record, those are my brother’s sunglasses.? I would never own a pair of sunglasses that horrid.? You can’t see them, but my own sunglasses are on my head.? And no, they aren’t cheapy aviators.

As only Suzanne can do she sucked me into reading one of the best books since Freakonomics.? The book I refer to is Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver.? I can just see the “Ha! I told you so!” comments from her now.? Hugs Suz.? Thank you.

I am sure by this point the trusty husband is so tired of me reading parts of this book to him that he’d rather sleep on the couch.? However, my little bit of newly found food knowledge is slowly warping him too.? Combine that with his “Go Local” kick and we are in business.

As I read this book (I have not finished) I come up with all kinds of ideas for posts.? Bad news is that I read at bedtime and for me if I actually sleep it acts like a mind sweep and I wake up with no memory of the past 24 hours.? In a sense I wake up dumber every morning.? However, I decided that I’m not going to get distracted and if I come up with something good to write about that I’m just going to do it.? You don’t want to know things like my son has knack for finding the cat puke in the house anyway.

Ms Kingsolver brings up a great point in her book.? It is a correlation that I would love to see the writers of Freakonomics take and run with.? The theory is that, in a nutshell, feminists made us fat.? This is my site and I get to bash the feminazis all I want.? I am soooo the anti-feminist it isn’t even funny.? So much so that I had quite the heated discussion with our church’s German Seminary intern a few years ago when I said that wherever possible women should be the ones to stay home and raise their children*.

Getting back to the feminists.? Think about it.? Back in the day women were the ones to stay home and cook.? They actually took time out of their day to cook food for their families.? Enter the feminist movement.? Women up and left the house to pursue careers outside of homemaking.? Sure, they worked, but they still came home and cooked dinner for their families.? I am not saying that working moms didn’t cook.? What I am saying is that women were (are) tired from working all day and lack the energy they once had, thus making large elaborate meals was a thing of the past.

Food manufacturers saw this opportunity and jumped on it.? Enter the boxed dinner and other pre-packaged food.? Now it was easier to whip up a quick meal.? But with that quick meal we sacrifice one thing.? Taste and health.? I would pull out a boxed dinner and list the unpronounceable ingredients from it if I had one in the house.?? Either way, your boxed dinner is nothing but a bunch of artificial flavors and chemicals handily packaged for a tired mom.

These unnatural foods are what are making this country fat.? Obesity is an epidemic in the US.? For the first time in history our children’s generation has an expected shorter life span than their parents.? Sad.

So what do we do?? Sit around and watch our asses grow to be the size of Texas?? Bitch at each other with the working mom saying, “well you try to work all day and then come home to cook dinner and make is good for you while your children are hungry and whining at you.”? Then the SAHM mom says, “well maybe you shouldn’t be working in the first place.”? I’m not setting out to spark that debate.? Moms work, moms stay home.? For whatever reason you have for being one or the other is not my place to argue.? My point is that whether you work or stay at home you have a duty do your family to provide them with good nutritious food.? Stop feeding your family processed crap.

I too am a busy mom.? I have an active toddler.? I do work (from inside our home).? I keep a fairly clean house.? But I still manage to cook good food.? For those days I don’t have time to make something from scratch I rely on these.? That’s right.? I cheat.? I make 40 or so dinners every few months and I menu plan.? I know that during the school year Tuesdays are my busy nights and it is up to the trusty husband to prepare dinner.? I plan for a crock pot meal and he just fixes the side dishes.? I plan.? Plain and simple.? It takes 10 minutes out of my Monday morning and the end result… my family always has a healthy meal.

You are probably thinking shut the hell up Elle.? We are tired of you talking all high and mighty about food.? Think that if you will, but fatness is truly and epidemic in this country.? Diabetes is rampant.? Heart disease, everything.? The majority of US health issues are due to obesity.? Wake up.? Don’t bitch about it.? Do something about it.


*very much a gross generalization.

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  1. Very good post. We probably eat a few more processed foods than y’all do…but over the past couple years, I’ve been working hard to phase them out. Most nights I cook – much more healthy than I used to, for sure! And if I absolutely didn’t plan ahead, then…well…I’ll just say that I need to look into the dinner freezer recipes.

    And now that I have a child who is as big around as he is tall (well, not really, but he is a short chunky thing), we have really got to focus on eating as “fresh” as possible. Too much processed food for him could not be good for him!

    Anyway…thanks again for a thought provoking post! 🙂

  2. NEAL says: Reply

    My response got too long.

    1. It’s the food.
    2. It’s the soil
    3. It’s the economy, stupid.

    http://www.papatacoma.blogspot.com will have the refined comment.

  3. NEAL says: Reply

    Number three is an old campaign slogan. I do not mean to call elle stupid. Elle can only call elle and other people stupid, that includes, but is not limited to:

    my ideas, food, people, strangers, family, complete strangers, and the staff of any box store.

  4. I agree with the fact that our society (the business, the running around, the need to be on the go 24/7) is the largest contributing factor to our fat country. People don’t have time or don’t take the time to cook good meals so we all eat crap. Many of us eat that crap while in the car. The break down of the family dinner also leads to a lot of other issues in the family but that is another topic.

    I am trying to cook more and better meals. I actually made a menu for the week! And went to the store and bought all the stuff to make the meals! I felt so Elle-esque!

    On another note – I am a proud feminist. Support the rights and empowerment of women doesn’t mean you can’t be a stay at home mom or that you have to burn your pretty Victoria Secret bra. Being a feminist doesn’t have to mean femi-nazi.

  5. Boy did you ever set yourself up to be bashed. I hope they leave you alone because I do agree. I don’t do the whole food plan thing only because I fix food based on what I feel like eating so yeah that is bad. I am teaching my child to do the same. I am not a feminist in the traditional since, free sex didn’t free us.


  6. Jenny2 says: Reply

    You know what? I agree. I didn’t change my name when I married, so perhaps I’m “one of those.” But I also know that SOMEONE needs to be home. Not at work. Not in traffic. Not stressed out.

    And not picking up crappy fried chicken in a bucket on the way home.

  7. I agree with Michelle: being a feminist means supporting equal opportunities and empowerment for women, regardless of your occupation (and yes, I am including SAHM as an occupation – I’ve been both a SAHM and a WAHM, and they’re both difficult). I’ve worked in the mining industry and was told that, because I’m a woman, I wasn’t smart enough to do my job. That didn’t go over well. I no longer work in that industry, but having talked to other women, it is a common belief.

    Making up a weekly meal plan has saved me time, money, and calories, although I also include some flexibility to either switch stuff around, or change mid-week. I keep the ingredients for a very fast pasta dish on hand for those nights that either I don’t have the energy or the willpower to make an entire dinner. As for loosing weight, we’ve recently found a free website (www.sparkpeople.com) that gives menu suggestions, calorie goals, and work out suggestions. It’s really helped Eric and me keep track of where we want to be, and the weight is coming off. We both needed the something to help motivate us, keep us interested, and SparkPeople has fit the bill.

  8. DebiP says: Reply

    I like what I read here…you go girl…and I like the menu on the side…have to go look some of those things up…because of you (and my ever shrinking budget) I too have a menu…

  9. Esther says: Reply

    Speaking of food, did you guys venture around the Woodway, Lynnwood area while you did the street of dreams? I took the kids down there today to visit someone, and two, TWO of the McDonalds have been shut down. What the hell? Lynnwood used to have 4 McDonalds. Since I know my way around pretty well, I took them to the 3rd one on my list.

    I told the kids earlier we could go to McDonalds. We only go about twice a year. So this was a big deal. Then I drive to the first two and they are gone? Hmmmmm……..

  10. It is a common misnomer and false belief that feminism gave women more rights and equal opportunities!! In fact, I know of many instances where much discrimination occurred (because of these now “equal rights”) and in a divorce and custody situation, the father was given custody and the mother was ordered to pay child support. Why? Not because the father was the better parent, but because the mother should now have the equal opportunity to make her financial contribution, regardless of whether she was the more nuturing and stable parent. Under the guise of “equal rights” women were forced to give up their God given talent of child-rearing and providing nurture in the home. Don’t get me wrong….I feel a woman should have the choice to work inside or outside of the home, but I still feel she is better equipped emotionally to deal with the children on a daily basis. But this is my point exactly, a woman should have the CHOICE, and this should not be forcedupon her or taken away from her, just because she makes more money than the dumb-ass ex-husband; or to have custody of the children based on financial ability to pay…..meaning the father gets more time with the kids (because he makes more money), and the judge wants to make sure the father’s child support amount is ZERO…..so they split the kids – mom gets 8 days, and dad gets 23 days….and combined responsibility of both parents cancels out to ZERO! I have seen this happen over and over, and have personally experienced this pain. Women’s lib has actually caused more rights to be lost…….sorry, but it is true. Here! Here! is my comment to the healthy meals! Obesity and diabetes are rampant, and they are destroying our health and lifestyles. Elle has the key here, with a little PLANNING (hey…we plan everything else, why not include balanced meals??), nutritious meals can be easy and fast!! What are we waiting for? Lets all WALK to the store and burn those calories!! OK….I am not crazy…..I just sound like it! Just trying to make the point that a little exercise might be in order too!!

  11. Lauri says: Reply

    I am waiting for that book at my Library…..

    Good post

  12. I agree for the most part. I totally believe that is what happened. Time became a commodity because, often, both parents are working now. I am somewhat of a feminist in as much as I believe a woman has just as much right to work and do whatever the man does.

    That being said, yes someone needs to be sure the family is fed and fed properly, but it can be the dad’s job, the mom’s job, the other mom’s job–Whatever! Someone feed that family. It can even be a shared job. Adam and I often plan meals together, and one or the other of us will do the shopping. Whoever has the opportunity. If I’ve had a bad or exhausting day at home, he has no problem fixing whatever is planned for dinner 🙂

    I will admit we have fallen at times. When the baby boys first arrived…OMG, the crud we ate. We do better now, though I will admit I’m not counting calories at all. I just make sure the food groups are represented.

    We also struggle with the whole cost of eating healthily. Unforunately, shopping at places such as Whole Foods, eating organic etc… can cost a LOT more than just buying the standard produce. That can take a huge chunk from an already small grocery budget.

    I personally believe that is another huge factor in family eating choices– a lot of the junk food is just cheap, compared to supplying the family with fresh fruits and veggies (especially in winter months, when things are out of season). This may be only a regional problem, but the prices can sure jump as the seasons move.

    Anyhoo, enough rambling on my part. Perhaps sometime I’ll have to squeeze that book into my limited reading time.

  13. Jenn says: Reply

    I’m right there with you. Femi-nazi’s drive me insane!!! Some of my favorite cookbooks are ones with a copyright before 1955, and my new favorites with our traditional foods way of life are prior to 1900. People lived different and ate different. I have always wondered if you took out the infant mortality what the average expected age would be now compared to 100 years ago. Feminazi’s also took away the ability for my husband to earn an income to support our household. Now a company doesn’t provide income for a family, they provide an income for half of one. Those of us who support the right for a woman to stay home and raise her children are automatically have a financial mark against us (unless her husband managed to find a very well paying job that didn’t require an unbelievable amount of financial investment in the thing we call college.) By the time we are “on our feet” the older two will be in their teen years. It forces you to make the choice of having kids when your financially sound or when your young and wanting too. Adoption on top of that and we are stuck in our home sweet home and debt for a good 5 more years on top. AND WE LOVE IT! If I hear one more snide remark about how I stay home and play in the kitchen all day I think I will explode! Ok, can you tell this is a topic that has been on my mind for awhile.
    SO yes, I agree, feminism started the downward trends in food and nutrition and are (I believe) backed up by our governments crazy nutrition guidlines that will put you straight into obesity and hypertension (yes, I never had high blood pressure until I started following the food pyramid and it went away when I stopped.)
    Gotta go thaw some steaks for dinner as this chick is making pan-fried potatoes and onions with grilled steaks (and not some piddly little 3 ounce pieces of fatless meat) and green beans (with natural bacon) for supper with cantelope and kiwi’s for dessert. Take that food pyramid!

    Ok, rereading this I sound like a freak but it is what it is and came spewing out and the girls need me so it stays how it is, no revision…i’m not too much of a freak, I promise!

  14. Judy says: Reply


    Growing up, my mom never had boxed and processed food in the house…there was hardly ever any junk food and never any soda…and none of her kids were ever large….thanks mom and dad (he loved to cook more than her).

    It is true, this is a scary generation of people either too tired or always on the run….and it is crazy what many eat….and all the health problems that abound. I started eating alot of fast food and not-so-great stuff for many years when I worked two and then three jobs…but try to eat more healthy now…especially as I struggle to get pregnant. I would definetly plan to cook healthy REAL food for my kids (if I am lucky enough to ever get pregnant).

    You could be saving their lives literally…not just their weight issues……

  15. serena says: Reply

    I’m in agreement with the sah thing. It is a great grief to me that I can’t be home with my daughter (single mom).

    However, I also blame a lot of our problems on the box in the living room that people mindlessly stare at. It has changed our culture so much. Instead of doing things, people watch things. Since I don’t have a TV, I’m so insulted by the commercials alone and what they say to children. Also all the other electronics we plug ourselves into instead of doing something actually social or productive (feeling self concious that I say this from my computer. ha)

  16. I think of you all the time when I give seamonkey dinner. I think, “If O can eat moroccon chicken, then you are eating these porkchops and applesauce dammit!” I think we’ve reached a point where we in such a convenience mindset that we are too lazy to do the right thing. I work all day and it’s my job to feed the boy when I get home (I don’t cook) – it’s much more work to feed him real stuff than shove baby food in his mouth or other quickie things, but I am trying to establish healthy eating patterns for him now.

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