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I know I have some compliants from you guys not digging this month’s theme.? Sorry about that, but it is my website and not yours.? Personally I like going a little dark on occasion.? I don’t have the time or motivation to change things so if you don’t like reading it then do like me and take a month off.

I had a short time frame to create the design and was late uploading it too.? I have tons of stuff that I want to do this month and none of them include spending more time in front of my computer than I have to.

The design also gives you a glimpse into how I’m feeling about my site right about now.? 10 days off of real blogging has given me some perspective.? Who am I really writing for and is that person(s) getting out of it what the true message is.? This isn’t to say I’m going to up and quit on all of you.? At least not right now I’m not.? I’m just trying to evaluate the priorities in life and figure out where this site fits in.

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  1. Lena says: Reply

    Of course it’s YOUR blog and not ours.

    And frankly we don’t have the right to complain … perhaps we complained a little bit because we LOVE reading all your stuff and can’t take a month off. I figured the color change had a deeper meaning to it, the title gives it away and for that the colors are perfect. And the little swirly thingy above Elle reminds me of a certain beer which I thought was very clever.

    And the color-combo is actually perfection – red, white and black – happens to be the colors of my favorite high school in the state of WA.

    I hope you’ll find the balance you seek, it’s rather refreshing taking a break from daily blogging isn’t?

    Love ya!

  2. kim says: Reply

    Do what is best for you and the Family.

  3. Lauri says: Reply

    take all the time you need… we will be here when you come back.. I am also in a reflective blogging slump needing more direction & motivation.

  4. Tricia says: Reply

    I was getting bummed that my readership went from 200 a day (Trip 1 & 2) to now, less than 100 per day. It always goes up when I post about drama … the negative stuff. Since we aren’t having tons of drama – a GOOD thing – I guess I should be happy that my readership is down. In the last couple of months, I’ve decided I’m writing only to my long term blog friends and family members who choose to follow along. They have been my most influential and beneficial friends to me through the process. I also see the blog as something for me to share with Rita when she is older … something she doesn’t have much of. A history.

  5. I am enjoying the black, actually. Very Russian Constructivism…can’t shake the art history out of me…

  6. I think your blog is depressed too.

  7. Elle says: Reply

    I never said I was depressed. I’m just bored of blogging.

  8. Amy says: Reply

    I DO enjoy reading your blog and come to your site daily. whether you and the boy go to the market, you and the trusty husband go out for a fine dinner, chalking, putting together a swing set, or just sitting around coughing up snot…I for some reason find it interesting. so interesting that when you skip a day or two I muble under my breath “that damn elle.”

    I must say I can relate to a lot of what you have to share…I too am a mother of a 3 yr old and often we walk in the same shoes…it reassures me I am not alone when I want to go into a room by myself and scream. i often think if that room was padded, that might not be so bad either!

  9. Well, be dark if you must, but don’t stop blogging altogether, please!

  10. I just use my reader after I check out your monthly design.
    Kudos to you for changing it up monthly!
    And I think we all have to re-evaluate where and if our blogs fit in now and then.

  11. Agreed: you did not say that you are depressed. I ventured that part.

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