Day late and a costume short

Last year I was all on top of it and ordered the boy’s Halloween Costume almost the day after we got home.? Ok, not the day after, but close to it.? I scored an awesome deal on BabyStyle and the costume was the hit of the church Halloween party.? Did she just say church and Halloween party in the same sentence?? Yes.? Yes I did.? Thankfully Unfortunately*, there is no Halloween party at the church this year and the boy gets to do some good old fashioned trick or treating.? Much to his mother’s chagrin.? Ok, so that isn’t so much true.? I love Halloween and I am about ready to bust out all of my decorations to make mine the rockin-ist house on the block.? Dude, I own a fog machine.

So my dillema comes with the fact that I missed out on getting a costume for the boy when Baby Style had them on sale and in stock.? Now I have to actually be creative in what I put on the child.? I don’t so much mind being creative, but damn.? I lack the brain capacity to think of such things right now.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what the boy could be without me buying a cheap Target costume.? I don’t mind buying the Baby Style ones because they are so. damn. cute.? But the mega box store ones are just dumb.? I’d rather get all Martha Stewart and create one from scratch.

*We are actually happy there is no party at the church because I’m on the planning team for it and frankly, I don’t want to help plan a major function like that.

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  1. Carla says: Reply

    I think Pottery Barn has some cute ones. 🙂 Gymboree? Children’s Place? Disney? and I know I’ve seen some like the babystyle ones somewhere else online.

    We’re hoping to travel to China on October 25th (waiting on all those darn approvals). IF we get to, then we’ll get Katie on October 29th or October 30th. I think she will need to get a costume…right? LOL I’ll even cart some good candy for “trick or treating” in the hotel.

  2. Jenny2 says: Reply

    My annual tradition with my nephews is to get the perfect Halloween Costume.. we start early and I can get a little over-zealous about the whole thing. My beloved 13 year old nephew is finally too old for the traditional costume so I told the 8 year old… “you get the entire budget this year!” Seattle Costume/Supply in North Seattle is a great place to get ideas, and I would agree… go Martha before you go cheap.

    How about a hockey player?

  3. Lauri says: Reply

    EBAY… I know you don’t like buying used stuff.. but some sellers sell new stuff too

    one of the cutest homemade costumes was a mouse gray jammies, mouse ears and a big square of yellow felt with holes to look like swiss cheese that went over the mouse costume… so it looked like the mouse was eating his way out of the cheese

  4. We’ve inherited my nephew’s costumes from Land’s End; I don’t know if they have any this year since we’ have several years’ worth of costumes!

  5. Look on ebay…they have some really cool ones. Don’t order it – copy it. I saw an adorable shark and a lion and a dinosaur and some really neat things that it looked like someone had made. They were more than I was willing to spend on something she will only wear for a couple of hours but I bet you could get some neat ideas.

  6. Of course I say this to you because you can actually sew…unlike me who is frantically looking for something inexpensive and cute. Give me another 2 weeks and the list will be just something cute.

  7. Ingelaurie says: Reply

    What if I were to tell you I changed my mind on the Halloween Party?

  8. Nancy says: Reply

    My friend made her son the Smith Bros milk man. She had a box and cut to look like the truck, printed their logo and blew it up so the box had the smith bros sign on the side. She then sewed straps on so he wore the box over his shoulders and finally she put him in a whit shirt and blue pants and found a hat that worked. It was darling and so original.

  9. Lena says: Reply

    I second hockeyplayer costume!

    My kids have been soccer players for years since we happened to buy replica uniforms for them.

  10. Lauren says: Reply

    I was thinking the hockey player too. Simply because I know how much mom is looking forward to the day he can play.

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