Crushing a man’s pride for the fun of it

So you know we have this “company” called Free Range Media right?? Basically it is me sitting in my office churning out illegal dumping flyers for the city and random blogs for people.? It’s not a bad gig.? I’m not highly paid, but it does my online shopping for me.

Well, over the holiday weekend I got an odd email to my info email for FRM.? It was from a lady applying for a job.? I never knew working in a 8×10 box was so highly sought after.

It turns out that the Sundance Channel is producing an “unamed pilot” for an environmental reality show.? Ohhh!? Sounds like fun.? This particular lady was apply for that position.? Because some how the production company is none other than Free Range Media.

Now don’t go doing the happy dance for me.? It isn’t my Free Range Media.? Someone just horked my company name.

I kindly sent said woman an email informing her that she had the wrong company and called it good.? I chalked it up to stupidity.? After all… she introed the email with “hello my free range peeps!”? Honestly, if you are applying for a job don’t start your email like that.? Although the majority of her work experience was with Fox.? So I can’t blame her.

Moving on.

I had put the stupid lady out of my mind until I sat down at the computer this evening and lo and behold there is another email.? This time from George.? George is also applying for the job.? His email was a little more carefully crafted, however his resume was something to be desired for.? Dude, don’t put photos in your resume.? Although, George has won 4 Emmys.

For a moment I totally though of sending him an email dessimating his work experience and telling him that he was in no way qualified for the assignment.? The trusty husband told me that wasn’t nice.? Pooh on him.

So what would you have done?? Told George the truth or crushed his pride just for the fun of it?? Oh and remember I got the email tonight at 5:38 p.m. (Dec. 2nd) and the job posting closed today.? Way to squeak by George.

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  1. First, I love your new header!

    Second, I apologize, my good intention or promoting your truffles didn’t happen 🙁 Yes, hectic and major procrastination combined. That’s why I haven’t e-mailed my color selection and details yet 🙁

    Now, about George … hmmm I don’t know. I usually ignore such stuff. I hope you don’t get inundated with more applications.

    Aloha! 🙂

  2. LOL – So? What did you end up doing? I say if you haven’t e-mailed him back yet, you should go for the crushing. It’s too late now for him to realize he sent his resume to the wrong person so you’re really doing no harm to his career by “rejecting” him. And with 4 Emmy’s under his belt, I’m sure he could use a balloon burst now & again. Why not be the lucky soul to do it for him?

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