Child 6.0

It is time for our annual upgrade of the child unit.  This year we get version 6.0.  Last year we tried to recycle the 4.0 unit because of resistance to the 5.0 model.  Looking back I still would like to have that option.  However, if  I didn’t suffer through the 5.0 model I wouldn’t have gotten to the 6.0 model.

We believe the 6.0 upgrade has promise.  Previous even numbered releases have been enjoyable and functioned properly.

The upgrade seems to have an independence function added to the boss and sass feature.  The volume control knob seems to be broken and there are some malfunctions with the rear disposal unit.

The child unit began formal programming this year.  It is assimilating the data, but doing so with an aloof demeanor.  Child 6.0 does enjoy the formal programming for the social interaction plugin.  The child even has a companion unit.

The unit is still perfecting the self data interpretation algorithm.  It has been a slow plugin to work the bugs out on.  It prefers to repeat processing information it has previously assimilated to feel better about itself.  We are working on challenging it to assimilate new data, but it feigns tiredness.

The 6.0 model is extra attractive.  The squeal and giggle function is especially cute.

Peripherals for this feature are similar to the 3.0 model.  It once enjoys cars, but this time they must be bigger and self propelled.  It also is very interested in building things out of small interlocking blocks.

The first day with Child 6.0 has been rather enjoyable.  We have discovered that it requires a large fuel intake to reduce the whine and scream feature.  With this information we should have a smooth upgrade.

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  1. Lee says: Reply

    I love each upgrade better than the last. I love you ORL!!!!
    Auntie Lee

  2. Rhonda says: Reply

    so true!

  3. mom says: Reply

    he’s the best and my bestie 🙂

  4. Tracey says: Reply

    this is just the cutest description. i love computers, and children so this made my day! (stumbled here from ibkc, am settling in for frequent re-visits)

  5. That was an awesome post!
    (Found you from IBKC…)

  6. Sue says: Reply

    I do hope the even numbered version theory holds true – I am eagerly awaiting v.14.0 of our Child, as v.13.0 has been most uncooperative, requiring me to remove peripherals on a regular basis!

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