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  • You Capture: Family

    When I saw this challenge come up I thought I was actually going to stick to the theme. ?I had planned to do a little family self portrait this weekend. ?I had a plan. ?Then I remembered that we were having a barbecue and that my sister and nephew were coming. ?Even better. ?I would […]

  • Depression
  • You Capture: Sweet

    Believe it or not I’m taking this one?literally. ?Or maybe it is just that I don’t want to be like the masses and work every theme into a photo of my child. ?Not that he isn’t sweet. ?That was my original plan, to take a photo of him, but I couldn’t come up with anything […]

  • Elle's World
  • You Capture: Expression

    Aren’t I all fancy. ?Two posts in less than 24 hours. ?I must be feeling better. ?Either that or it’s Thursday and time for You Capture. ?I thought about going all lazy on you and bagging it this week since I have taken approximately 6 photos in the last week. ?But that wouldn’t be very […]

  • Artsy Fartsy
  • You Capture: Letters

    I haven’t done a You Capture for a while. ?Frankly, I’ve been busy and keep forgetting to check out what the week’s theme is. ?A few weeks ago it was “rustic” and I put a sticky note on my monitor so I would remember to find something. ?That worked out well. ?I’m sure the only […]

  • photography
  • You Capture: Texture

    This week’s assignment was a little more difficult for me.? I have a gagillion photos of textures.? Pictures I’ve taken of concrete, rock, brick, grafittied walls… you name it.? Composing a photo that captured texture was a little more difficult. I had the idea to get a shot of a hockey puck on the ice […]