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    In order to consolidate 1900 photos into something manageable the trusty husband put together a video montage of some of the images. ?What’s missing? ?Chinglish. ?Lots and lots of Chinglish. If it doesn’t play for you that’s because it’s hosted at my facebook account and if I’m not friends with you on facebook that’s too […]

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  • Zi Jian

    We are getting ready to leave China after 15 very long days here. ?I’m not looking forward to the plane ride home, but I am looking forward to what is on the other end of the flight… fiber. ?Oh and my family. ?But that tasty tasty fiber. My time in China has been very memorable. […]

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  • I ate a cricket

    We have arrived safely in Nanchang after an 18+ hour train ride.? The ride wasn’t bad other than we had to stop every 45 minutes or so.? Let’s just say it was the slow 2nd class train to Nanchang.? I slept through the night with the aid of Dr. Ambien.? It was nice. Due to […]

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  • Chinese Food

    Do you know that I love Chinese food.? At home I make Chinese quite often (well stir-fry at least) (or rather the trusty husband makes a lot of stir fry).? We have found a good Chinese restaurant in Tacoma and I thought my love of Chinese food would be satisfied. When I signed up for […]

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  • China Day 4

    I think we are now on our fourth day here. I am writing this at 5:30 in the morning on the overnight train from Beijing to Xi’an. I have to admit I was rather frightened about the train rides. I haven’t ever ridden a train from a point A to a point B. I am […]

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  • days 1 and 2

    Today was only our second full day in China and to say the least it was sureal. ?There are times when I have to stop and remind myself where I am. ?That may seem strange. ?In fact it sounds rather loony. ?Not sure why I have to do that, but I do. ?Maybe I thought […]

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    I have about 2 minutes to post before breakfast. Cant upload photos yet. ?All is well. ?We went to the Great Wall yesterday and we are off to the forbidden city today. ?Lots of walking. ?I have stories about the Great Wall and I’m sure I’ll have some from the Forbidden City today. ?I’ll give […]