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  • Balloon Strings

    This past weekend I had the pleasure of spending time with good friends and family. ?I always enjoy doing that. ?This time it was to celebrate my being yet another year older. ?Aren’t birthdays just an excuse to get together and have a party? ?I think so. Amidst the invitees for this particular party I […]

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  • You Capture: Emotion

    So here is another out-of-the-box You Capture for you. ?Beth came up with emotion. ?I’m not the best at taking people pictures so I thought I would improvise. ?I know, I should use this opportunity to practice my people picture skills, but the best opportunity for emotion I had was me crying myself to sleep […]

  • Bitch & Moan
  • Another weekend gone

    Hockey, family, hockey, family. ?That was our weekend. This weekend we celebrated the graduations of two of my cousins. ?There was some kind of baby boom around the 1991-92 mark in my family. ?This year we had 3 (of the ungodly number of grandchildren) in the age range of graduation. 1 was from my mom’s […]

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  • You Capture: Family

    When I saw this challenge come up I thought I was actually going to stick to the theme. ?I had planned to do a little family self portrait this weekend. ?I had a plan. ?Then I remembered that we were having a barbecue and that my sister and nephew were coming. ?Even better. ?I would […]

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  • Christmas Letter 2008

    Once again, Merry Christmas from the house of Elle. ?We hope this finds you in good health or at least with few medical bills to pay. ?Lord knows this economy isn’t doing us any favors. It has been?a mostly uneventful?year in?our?home.??We once again staved off arrest by only participating in minor and unremarkable crimes like […]

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  • A message from Bunny

    I was milling over my stat counter yesterday afternoon.? I had an unusually high number of hits to Unexpected Miracles (well, if you call 12 high).? I decided to check it out.? I always look at the search hits to find out what people are searching for and finding my sites.? UM is no different.? […]