Breakfast Time (Don’t feed the teacher)

I have a serious love-hate relationship with food.  To be honest I love food.  Oh how I love food.  I love to cook food for other people.  On most occasions I love to consume food.  However, since birth me and food… we’re not best buds.
I don’t recall having major stomach issues as a young child, but it could have been so constant and chronic that it was just a normal part of being a kid.  The first time I took notice of digestive upset was in college.  I would eat ice cream and have major stomach issues.  If I at froyo, no issue.  In college I started drinking acidophilus milk because it seemed to agree with my stomach more.  I quickly figured out that I was lactose intolerant.  Today, I can eat goat/sheep milk products or hard, aged cow cheese.  I can eat butter and things with cow milk in them, but not if it is the main ingredient.  I know my limits when it comes to cow milk based products.  There are somethings that I will sacrifice my gut for.  Brie is one of them.  

A little know tid-bit of information is, a few years after Oleg joined our family, Derek and I tried to get pregnant again.  It was post myomectomy and the doctor thought we might have a good chance.  Ha!  During that time I began seeing an accupuncturist.  She suggested I try a specialized diet that just so happened to be gluten free.  I did it for about 8 months.  While on the gluten free diet I felt better than I’ve ever felt.  I had no stomach pain.  Back then a gluten free diet wasn’t in fashion so it was hard and very expensive.  We gave up trying to get pregnant so I went back to a normal diet.

After Derek’s mother passed away I went through some health issues of my own directly related to my gut.  Derek laid down the law and told me I’d be resuming my gluten free diet.  Seven years later here I am.  Gluten free.

Lucky for me alternative diets are en vogue right now.  It is not difficult to find decent tasting gluten free or diary free items.  Granted these items are not cheap.  Our weekly grocery bill is much more expensive than most.  I also have an entire cabinet dedicated to just gluten free flours.  

Needless to say, cooking for us is difficult.  I regularly tell my students, “don’t try to feed the teacher.”  It’s just better that way.

So what does a gluten free, dairy free person eat for breakfast?  Franz makes amazing bagels.  I love me a good bagel.  I’ll also eat an egg wrap.  That is a gluten free tortilla (Mission makes the best) with a sprinkle of white cheddar cheese (again, aged harder cheese), a scrambled egg and 1/2 an avocado.  Those are my go-to items.  Last year I drank smoothies on a near daily basis.  

I havent’ had one in a while.  I was graciously gifted a new toy by my mommy.  She’s the best!  She gave me her old Vitamix.  ERMAGHERD!!!  VIRTAMIRX!!!  This morning I had a chance to play with it.  Don’t get me wrong.  It was an ordeal to get all of the ingredients out and into the machine by myself, but I did it.  

I thought I’d share with you my smoothie recipe.  I borrowed it many many years ago from Melissa Bridges.  A better blogger would have lots of step by step photos, but I’m not a food blogger.  

Breakfast Smoothie

  • 1/2 apple
  • Handful(ish) each frozen peaches, blueberries, strawberries and cherries*
  • 1/3 – 1/2 cup plain goat milk yogurt
  • 2-3 T Peanut butter
  • Honey or coconut sugar to taste

Throw all the ingredients into a blender.  In the Vitamix I did yogurt, peanut butter, sugar, apple, frozen fruit.  Blend on high until all ingredients are well mixed.  You can mix up the fruits if you like.  I specifically don’t use banana because I don’t like the texture they give to smoothies.

*I usually stock up on these fresh when they are in season and then freeze them.  If I run out I’ll buy peaches & blueberries in the grocery.

**I do not get paid to link to products.  Links are there because they are a product I have personally used and like.

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