Begging for help

You may (or may not) notice the new look around here. Yeah I?m still dinking around with design. I apologize to all of you that I promised designs to. My velcro child is not allowing me to partake in my usual computer addiction, I don?t currently own a laptop and well… I just need to learn to budget my 1 hour of child free time wisely. Right now it is spent trying to do a craft project here and there. I need my craft fix. Call me Martha, but at least I am creative.

So the new look is a little rough. Those fancy red and white buttons at the top don?t really take you anywhere. And sure I will fully admit that I hijacked the code from some nice lady named Carol, but hey man… I am a new parent to a 2 year old. Cut me some slack. Besides coding for WordPress is hard and I am new at this. If you don?t like the look just pick a different skin. That cutsey one with the girl and watering can is still there.

I really do have in mind what I want this blog to look like, but that requires a piece of artwork that I can?t find and can?t create myself. Dontcha hate it when you have this vision in your head of what something should look like, but you have no clue how to create it. I hate to admit it, but I need a graphic designer. The problem is I need a graphic designer who will work for cheap. As in payment in anything I can make. Hey… I make a lot of stuff. Did I mention I make home made truffles, and carmels? I am also adept in the quilting field. I also boast a passion for photography and gardening. Hey! I even used to be a landscape designer. See… I have all kinds of skills that would work well in trade for say, a fancy new header graphic. I?m all about the barter system baby!

There I go again. Shamelessly begging for things from people I don?t even know. Bad Elle. Anyone a graphic designer out there? Dammit.

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