aww hell no

Not to make you think I had a perfectly wonderful evening out with my husband or anything, but in all honest it was pretty good.? There were a few hiccups in the mix.

We started off the evening at Corina’s Bakery.? Dawn, one of the Frost Park Friday artists, invited everyone out for a little get together at the bakery.? Quite a few of us showed up and a good time was had by all.

I had a wonderful (not decaf) americano and a delectable (not gluten free) brownie (brownie was slightly undercooked).? This was not a good idea since my stomach was already not feeling so hot.? Besides that I decided to wear my favorite jeans which have become a little tight as my ass has widened.

From there we went to Woody’s on the Water for dinner.? The atmosphere was fantastic, the service was wonderful, but my drink was a little watered down.? I ordered the spinach, goat cheese and pear salad and the Quail special.? I’ve never had quail so I thought what the hell.? The salad tasted fantastic.? They could have brought me the log of goat cheese and I would have been happy.? My stomach still hurt and my pants were still tight so I was beginning to feel a little uncomfortable at this point.? Dinner came and I was so uncomfortable I barely ate any of my dinner for fear of making myself sick.? From what I did eat it tasted great.? The Quinoa was a little under seasoned for my taste, but the perfectly cooked asparagus more than made up for that.? Verdict is we’ll go back.

After dinner my pants were still tight and we had some time to kill so we went to our house, got me different pants and headed to the mall to buy a baby gift for my newest “goddaughter.”? (Welcome Kara Ann, I can’t wait to meet you in a few hours!)? Then off to the movies.? Ironman.? Thanks Kevin!

You will notice that over there <—– is a new twitter feature.? And a recent tweet says “Dumb guy at movie theater head might explode.”? Dumb guy is an understatement.? I could have spent the entire 20 minutes prior to the movie tweeting about the shear idiocy of this guy.? Dude had the single worst case of the ebonics plague I have ever heard.? From the second he walked in I knew this wasn’t going to be good.? This guy was like Flava Flav and Buckwheat all rolled into one.? He talked non stop.? The preview started.? Guy talked non stop.? The movie started.? The guy talked non stop.? Even the heard of bruthahs in front of us bemoaned the spew issuing forth from this jackass.? Of course in the age of don’t want to offend anyone (or moreover not wanting to get into a fight in our town) no one said a word.? Finally, this little white chick who can’t hear worth shit turned around and in a snarky tone asked the guy if he was going to talk during the whole movie.? “oh sorry,” he said.? Not more than two seconds later that guy opened his big fat yap again.? I let him go for a few more minutes until I simply could not stand it anymore.? I turned around and said, “seriously dude, could you please shut it?”? This dude’s big fat equally ebonics ridden girlfriend looks at me and says, “and what are you going to do about it.”? Oh no she di’nt.? I was one tenth the size of this woman.? I could have taken her.

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  1. Lauri says: Reply

    That was a good movie…….sorry to hear about the ass hats talking during the movie….

  2. Hate that at the movies!

  3. It so annoys me when people talk at the movies. I mean it costs an arm and a leg to go to the theater these days, who are they to ruin my experience? I don’t even let my kids talk during a movie. Anyway, other than that it sounds like a very nice date! Dates… I miss those…

  4. mom says: Reply

    Don’t even try! A tough girl’s shoes are not so easily filled when you come from a family of woosies. Sorry……

  5. It amazes me that people don’t understand just how rude they are being when they talk during movies. Or take their children to a movie that is not appropriate for young kids (um, hello, but your 5-year old should NOT be at a 7pm showing of Prince Caspian – not only is the movie too violent and too young for said child, but it’s starting pretty late for a 5-year old). If you don’t have a sitter – DON’T GO. Novel concept, I know, but it goes with the territory. If you didn’t want to give up your childfree benefits (no finding a sitter, no worrying about what time you come home because you know your child will be up at some hideous hour, etc), you shouldn’t have had children! Oh, and please don’t bring your infant in! Heh, can you tell you hit a nerve for me? 😉

    On another note, I had a great time looking through photos from college… including your wedding! I still love the photo of you, the bridesmaids, and the flower girl… when your mouth is open in a big O! It looks like you’re singing opera! Maybe I should scan it and post it…. *grins evilly* I know how much you “love” that photo! Oh, and the pictures of your beautiful car! hehehehe!! (I don’t think D trusts me with the location of his car to this day… he should have known better then to mention where it was around me!)

  6. NorthEndJustin says: Reply

    I haven’t been to a movie in two years. I end up getting so pissed off at the theater that I barely pay attention to the movie. I’d rather wait six months and watch it at home where everyone stays quiet.

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