As promised

Here are some photos from February.

The trusty husband and I were making dinner one night and we had the TV on. Our monthly test of the emergency broadcast system started and like a little Pavlov the boy came running out of his room asking, “What’s that?!” (he’s heard it a million times, yet does the same thing every time) Not to miss an opportunity to answer a stupid question with a stupid answer, the trusty husband exclaims, “It’s the aliens coming to steal your brain waves!” I jumped right on the stupidity bandwagon and played along. We told the boy that if he didn’t have a tin foil hat the aliens surely would get him. So I ran and made a foil hat. I am not making this up. See.



I was super creative mom for Valentines day this year. Mainly because there are only 3 other children in the boy’s class. We painted construction paper with Valentines colors, I drew hearts on the back and cut them out. Then the boy colored the backs of the hearts and we stapled packages of sweet peas to each. It was a fun little activity.


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  1. Wendy says: Reply

    I think I am dying of the cuteness! And the tin foil hat??? Hysterical! Of course you are saving up for future therapy for him, right??? (LOL!)

  2. What great photos! And I like your idea for Valentine’s Day!

  3. Jan Bartel says: Reply

    Too cute for words. More pictures, we want and need more pictures. Would love a family photo of you three for my family picture wall. Hugs, Aunt Jan

  4. mom says: Reply

    Is that all???? You said tons and that was only three. NEED MORE! More I tell you, MORE!!!!! Smooches coming his way tomorrow….

  5. Kris says: Reply

    Aw!! That’s too cute! How do you stand him???

    I want a tin foil hat!!! I had no idea that was the accessory I was missing most days. I wonder if we have any tin foil here at the office…. hmm….

  6. He looks so happy.

    I was applying for the kids passports last week and in the process their new passport pictures got set down on their old (Russian) passports. My word! What a dramatic change. I didn’t think the children looked sad and guarded at the time, but it sure shows up in the contrast. Oleg shows the same sparkle now too.



    No idea with the cats. Get new crabbier cats?

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