As only I could do

I know, I know… I have been absent as of late.  Well that is because it took me until Tuesday night or so to feel somewhat human.  Then the weather was fantastic on Wednesday so I did what any self respecting horticulturalist would to.  I went to commune with the Lord in my garden.  I roped D into helping me on Saturday.

So I have a great travel story for you.  Ok, I have lots of travel stories, but this one is an Elle classic!

One of the nights in Russia we decide to go have dinner with our travelling companions.  We hop on the bus and head to the Hotel Parus.  As memory served this was a great restaurant from last time.  Actually the food was fantastic this time too!  We did have a little incident with Suzanne’s potato thievery, but all was forgiven.  The great part of the story comes when it is time to leave.  As always, I have to use the washroom.  The onsie washroom is located in the lobby area outside of the restaurant.  I go inside and the lock is this funky type of skeleton key.  I turn the key and then turn to do my thing.  I take one look at this toilet and whip out my camera.  Somehow it is the oddest toilet I have ever seen.  It is very high up off the ground, the seat is precariously thin and the flushing mechanism is a very large silver button on the wall.  This toilet is so far off the ground that my feet dangle as I sit.  (TMI, but too bad)

I finish up in the washroom and go to unlock the door.  I turned the key and try the handle.  Still locked.  I turn the key the other way.  Still locked.  I turn and turn and turn this key.  Still locked.  I have successfully locked myself into a bathroom.  My dinner companions hear the rattle of the door and "come to my aid."  I am turning the key and Suzanne is trying the handle.  I am freaking out and am convinced that I am permanently locked in this washroom.  Then Suzanne turns off the light.  Yes, the light switch was on the outside of the washroom.  Just then I give the key one last hard turn and I am free!! 

As only Elle could do, I locked myself in a funky washroom.  Want to see the toilet?  It is only one of many toilet related photos I took, or tried to take.


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