After the party

I survived a 3 year old’s birthday party. There is a lot to be said for that. We had 22 people in our house and they seemed to fit ok. I’ve had more. (roughly 40 for the boy’s 2nd birthday) Only 6 of the people were in the under 10 set. For the most part fun was had by all. The trusty husband whipped up some of his famous hamburgers. The trusty MIL brought a made up macaroni salad (that later caused me to have an allergy attack). And I was the star with my everyone-thought-it-was-too-expensive-but-changed-their-tune-after-they-ate-it birthday cake. The boy received a plethora of gifts including none other than a drum set. Thanks Great Grandpa. Actually the drum set is cool and is another reason why it is fun to have a musician for a grandfather. (He also gave the boy his piano)

The party abruptly ended with a piece of broken post WW2 china. Oleg and his friend Nori decided it would be fun to play tea-party with my china. Bad call on my part for not child proofing the china cabinet. So if anyone has a Sango sugar bowl in the Platina pattern circa 1948ish let me know.

Acutally, I’m not as pissed about the china as I normally would have been. That Sani-tea must be working.

I’ll give you a few photos from the evening. (ok, these are the only good ones I have because I suck at the whole photo taking thing) You’ll just have to wait until Neal emails me the ones he took. That’s why I invite him to these things.

The far too expensive, but nearly gone cake.


Boy clearly enjoying the far too expensive, but nearly gone cake.


And just for good measure. Me and my baby bro. (you may recall a photo of me and Lil’ Bro. this one is Baby Bro)


Today is the boy’s actual birthday, so I’ll try to do a better job of taking photos. But I may be sobbing the day away because my baby is 3.

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  1. Happy birthday, Oleg!

  2. Happy Birthday Oleg!

  3. It looks like it was a great party! And the cake looks fantastic! I hope Oleg has a wonderful day today!

  4. NEAL says: Reply


    Cake good.

    Birthdays for kids are forever changed in my mind.

    You changed the world.

    Thank you.

  5. Dede says: Reply

    Happy Birthday Oleg!

    That birthday cake looks yummy!!!

  6. Lee says: Reply

    A great big “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” from Auntie Lee, Uncle Wayne and Bethany!
    She has a song to sing him, so we will be calling soon!
    Love you all!

  7. I’m impressed that you made it – very good! I’ll be braving the 2-year old party in a little more than a month. I may need tips! 🙂

  8. Harlequin "King" Jetta says: Reply

    Happy Birthday to Oleg!

    And good luck on hunting down the broken china piece. I did that to myself ones, drying dishes, getting distracted mid-mug wrapped up in towel and then when I returned I just snapped the dish towel and crash, there went one of my since-I-bought-it discontinued mugs. Not post WWII china, but still, bought in the homeland and not over here at the Bullseye store. I’m just a whee bit mad at myself still and I have my mother on retainer for hunting down another mug.

  9. Mom says: Reply

    Fantastic party! Good food, good company, awesome cake, and great wine. O’s day will be forever special because you swayed to the other side and made it magical! Instilling thoughts of giving… always wonderful… but yesterday was all about O. Bully for YOU!!!!!

  10. Ingelaurie says: Reply

    Glad to hear it was a good day. I’ll have to tell Oleg happy birthday on Tuesday when you two are around.

    There is website that you can look on for old china, I’ll find out what it is and get back to you.

    take care.

  11. Jenny says: Reply

    Happy Birthday Oleg!!!!

    And hang in there Mama!!!

  12. Happy Birthday Oleg!!

  13. Jenni says: Reply

    Happy birthday Oleg! That is some cake.

  14. Ani says: Reply

    Happy Birthday Oleg!

  15. Lauri says: Reply

    Happy Birthday Oleg

    ( totally need more pics)

  16. Jenny2 says: Reply

    one word on the china: Ebay.

    Two words on the party: Looks great.

    Love the phrase “sani-tea” – funny.

  17. Tricia says: Reply

    Happy birthday Oleg! Wish I could be there to have some of that birthday cake! Looks yummy!

  18. First of all, your kiddo is a doll. HAPPY BDAY OLEG!!! Red is a good color on you.

  19. serena says: Reply

    How fun! Glad everyone had a good time.

    PS: I have Great Grandma’s china too and got extra pieces at this website. They do have the one you listed, althought maybe not with the date you mentioned. My pattern has an older and a newer pattern so maybe?

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