Adventurecation: Part 3

Right… I was telling you about our adventurecation.  I got distracted with work.  When we left off we had spent our first day at Disneyland.

Day 2 was spent at California Adventure.  One of the trusty sister-in-laws wanted to see one of her girlfriends from middle school.  It just so happened that they were both going to be at Disney on the same day.  They found a 20 minute window of time where they could meet up.  It just so happened that it was outside Ariel’s Grotto in California Adventure.  We all tagged along just for fun.

After the meet and greet we spent the day toodling around California Adventure trying to stave off the crab monster, affectionately known as my child.  I had packed snacks, we fed him treats, we took him on rides.  No amount of entertainment or food would make this child happy.  He wanted to see Toon Town.  Problem was, Toon Town was about as far away from where we were at the moment.  We promised the child that first thing the next day we would see Toon Town.  He begrudgingly agreed.  Needless to say if I don’t go back to California Adventure again I would be ok with that.

The “highlight” of the day came when we had somehow talked the child into riding Grizzly River Run.  It is the giant tube ride that gets you wet.  It isn’t a roller coaster per say, but a bounce about fun on a hot day ride.  We had bee-lined straight for the fast pass line when we got to the park and our return was right before lunch time.  When it was time to get on the ride our line was very short because of the fast pass and the whole time the child was bouncy and mostly happy.  We could see a bit of fear in his eyes.  Of course it is the same look he had when I tried to get him to go on a playground slide.  Eventually I just had to push him down.  The child is so overly cautious he would sit in his room all day if you didn’t make him do something.  This was another one of those moments*.  We knew he would have fun so we coaxed him onto the ride.  B was also cautious, but she became my buddy when it came to rides.  She and I rode most all of the rides together.  So we get on the ride and in order to fill the tube a cast member puts a single rider in with us.  The kid must have been about 16 or 17 years old, if that.  We go up the first lift hill and the whole time the child is worrying himself into old age.  “I don’t want to go down a hill.”  “I don’t want to go down backwards.”  It was driving us nuts.  First hill done, WHEEEE!  “That was fun!”  GAH!  We bounce about down this river thing, round a corner and come to the “big hill.”  The tube goes into a set of gates and then it drops you over the edge.  There was another tube in the gates and we bounced into the gates, then the tube behind us bounced into us and the tube behind that…  There were about 8 tubes stacked up at this set of gates.  So we’re just about hanging off the edge of this hill and going no where.  The ride’s pre-recorded message that makes it seem like part of the ride comes on to say there’s been a delay.  All the while the child starts to worry.  And worry… And worry.  Everyone in the boat is trying to reassure him that it’s going to be fine.  Unfortunately, it got to the point that no amount of reasoning with this child was going to work.  We were on the ride, there was no way out except down the hill.  Of course we were stuck so we were all trapped with the crying.  After about 20 minutes the ride started going again and the tube in the gates was pitched over the edge which meant we were next.  Oh the crying.  We get pushed into the gates and pitched over the edge while the child is yelling, “I DON’T WAN…WHEEEEE!”  We get to the bottom and he says, “That was fun, I don’t know what I was afraid of.”  Had it not been for the seatbelt restraining me I would have reached across the tube and pulled a Homer Simpson on this child.  I guess this is the point where I should mention that just the day before he rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and squeed the whole time.

The purpose of the whole trip was a family reunion.  We left California Adventure a little early so the kids could swim (I napped) and we could get ready for the reunion.  We had a lovely time with the family.  Derek’s aunt tried to make a point to have food that we all could eat.  Derek’s cousin is a vegetarian, B is very particular in her eating habits and I don’t eat dairy or gluten.  It was a tall order.  Luckily there was plenty for all of us.  We had a great evening and all fell into bed when we got back to the hotel… despite that nap.


*please don’t think that I would ever make my child do something that truly would be scary for a 6 year old or something that could possibly hurt him.  I am not that kind of parent and I do know my child better than you do.

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