A Lively Bunch

Today we went to meet some very special little ones.  If you will recall I have recently become a cat stalker.  Our few attempts at finding baby kitties has been futile.  When we go to look they have been snatched up by baby kitty thieves leaving me hopeless and lonely.  Damn kitty snatchers.

Last Friday we were doing some errands, sans child, and I mentioned to Derek that we should just contact the vet’s office and let them know we were in the market for baby kitties.  It just so happened that we were on our way to the vet’s office and while there I did, in fact, mention that we were looking for kitties.  Little did I know how in like Flynn the vet’s office was in the baby kitty market.

Our local humane society has a whole bunch of families that foster baby kitties until they are ready for adoption.  This is my dream volunteer job.  Baby kitties all! the! time!  Yes, crazy cat lady I know.  So we mention the wanting kitties thing and the next day the vet tech sends Derek and email with a link to a foster family that has BABY KITTIES!  Shocking I know.

Now all baby kitties are cute… except maybe those hairless ones.  So any baby kitty I see is the one I want.  I contacted the foster mom that night to see if we can meet the babies.  We schedule an appointment for Friday which I then email her to reschedule because I’m a total tool and forgot that we have stuff on Friday.  In the mean time I get click happy and start looking at the other links on her site.  There were MORE baby kitties.  Baby kitty overload.  However, there was one site that had not just baby kitties but the world’s cutest baby kitties.  So cute that Derek told me I needed to email that lady because those kitties were cuter.  I did.  Shut up about the crazy cat lady thing.

That foster mom was able to meet with us this afternoon.

We met the kitties.  There are 4 in the litter and 1 is already spoken for.  They are about 7 weeks old and still a few weeks from going home.  There are 2 boys and 1 girl available.  I want a girl kitty.  I’ve always had a girl kitty, I neeeed one.  Derek has a weakness for orange kitties.  One is orange.  Then there is the last one… I have a weakness for grey kitties.  The last boy is grey.  And a proper gentleman at that.  That is 3 kitties people.  We were only thinking of 2.

I need opinions here.  Here are the contenders:

The girl is the torbie, the boys are the grey one and orange one.  The girl is a feisty little one.  The grey one is dapper gentleman.  He actually isn’t solid grey, but rather 2-tone grey.  He is very proper with the best personality.  The orange one is all orange (no white) and a little more cautious.  He has a little round belly and a very wide-eyed expression.

What do I do?  All 3?  If only 2 which 2?

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  1. typelittlea says: Reply

    Torties are trouble!!! So I vote the grey and the orange. The orange one is totally adorbs.

  2. Andrea says: Reply

    How do you choose?! If I were to base on appearances alone I’d take the torbie and the ginger, but the idea of a stately, smoke-coloured gentleman is also so very appealing. Brothers? A boy/girl split? I can see the rationale of only getting two . . . BUT you have so much bouncy dog, don’t you think there is some sort of grand, glorious balance in having three wee fluffy moppets to steady her? Eh? Eh?!

  3. Ohhhh, I can’t help at all. Fellow crazy cat lady here. 🙂 I’d have to take all three!

  4. Wendy says: Reply

    I have a huge soft spot for gray kitties so you have to take him. Plus the girl. And who could resist that look on the orange kittys face. Aw heck, all three!!!

  5. Lee says: Reply

    OMG! How stinkin’ adorable! I love ’em all, but if going with two, I’d choose the orange and gray. Can’t lose any way you go. PS I KNEW you wouldn’t wait until chocolate season was over…lol

  6. Lena says: Reply

    Oooh so cute! I have a soft spot for grey ones, orange ones and kittens in general. I vote all three! But then again, it’s not in my house that they are going to live in. 🙂

  7. Tracy says: Reply

    In a way, I’m happy my hubby is allergic to cats – I would have a dozen! Is there anyway in your heart that you could split up this family? The three kitties love each other and are best friends – you must either take one or all three!! Oh, I can’t wait to read the upcoming stories.

  8. Kathou says: Reply

    Okay Crazy Cat Lady… sorry had to say it at least once… there i’m done :o) Tough choice all three are too cute. You can’t pick just one and two well you’ll be leaving one behind… on the other side maybe all three will be able to handle Busy together :o) my vote is for the orange one because I just love orange kitties.

  9. Lyndsey says: Reply

    I’m usually a lurker, but ridiculously adorable kittens are a sure-fire way to bring me out of lurkdom. I’m a crazy cat lady too, so I say all three. How could anyone split up those sweet babies?

    I’ve been looking at their little faces trying to figure out which 2 if I HAD to pick 2, and since I’m not crazy about orange kitties, I first said the torbie and the gray. But the orange kitty has the most beautiful eyes and the sweetest face…so all 3. 🙂

  10. lauri says: Reply

    the orange one… we have a tortie and a orange tiger… we love them both but our orangalicious stole our hearts

  11. mom says: Reply

    Oh dear……. I know what she’s decided…………………..

  12. alicia says: Reply

    Before reading the whole post I saw the gray one and it screamed “ELLE!” to me. And then I read about your weakness for gray kitties. Heehee. But I wouldn’t put it past you to get them all …

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