4 can’t come soon enough

Boy playing nicely in his with his letter puzzle while his mother fixes her hair.

Elle:? Boy, what is G for?

Boy: Gwetzky

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  1. 1st time posting….. ask livi who her favorite baseball player is and you get grady size-E-more. plus she can do the ohio state buckeyes O-H I-O, but she follows it up with P P P P because that is the letter after O in the alphabet.

    take care
    lauri’s husband

  2. We were just having this conversation – we were wondering if we could somehow rig iceskates to his little size 4.5 toddler feet. Four is too far away!

  3. signe says: Reply


  4. DebiP says: Reply

    what a gwate kid…

  5. Noreen says: Reply

    I am glad to know that there is hope that kids might one day be able to pronounce my daughter’s name. Apparently, no other word in the English language starts with Gw. So, this could be a tough one for her. Maybe it won’t be the hurdle I thought.

    I can’t wait to see more political posts, by the way. I LOVED your last one. And, I assure you I am not being sarcastic. My first comment on your blog suggested that we might have a lot in common. Now, I am sure I am correct. It’s a tough state to live in, right?

    I don’t think I can swear on oath on anything political…. I usually don’t trust politicians oaths, so I am not sure they need mine.

  6. Heh, I’m glad you labeled it as a hockey post, because I’d never heard of the name. Then again, I couldn’t even tell you who played in the superbowl yesterday, although I loved the fact that the grocery store was pretty empty!

  7. Lena says: Reply

    Awesome little boy!

  8. Lauri says: Reply


  9. Jenny says: Reply

    Love it! My girls will be saying “what does H stand for” Hamm! Had to throw that in there for ya.

  10. Elle says: Reply

    W is for Wickenheiser.

  11. that’s frickin hilarious.

  12. Lena says: Reply

    In that case:

    F is for Forsberg, Peter (greatest PK shot ever taken);
    S is for Sundin, Mats (my hometown hero);

  13. Jenni says: Reply

    He’s well-trained, that boy!

  14. Lauren says: Reply

    That is hilarious!

  15. Jenny2 says: Reply

    I’m sure you’ve never been more proud.

  16. Tricia says: Reply

    If you ever seriously consider a move to Wisconsin, you must call me first. Hey, and Wisconsin schools are awesome…

    -University of Wisconsin-Madison Alumnus

  17. :^D

  18. kate says: Reply

    tee hee. brainwashing DOES work. ;>

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