Autumn is in the air

Thank you for all of your opinions.  I’ll let you know our decision once they come to live with us.  It is still a few weeks off yet.

In the mean time you can have a few photos of some lovely October.  I’ve been busy in the garden and when that happens it reminds me how much I do so love my garden.  It is starting to look nice again.  We have one last area that needs an overhaul, but we are working to correct the issues (improve the soil) and that all should be taken care of by Spring.  The Winter vegetable garden is a bit hit and miss.  I made the choice to plant it in our oldest beds which was a bit of a mistake.  I should have given those beds a serious till and worked in cover crop.  They are tired and deserve a rest.  However, the new beds also need the cover since the “soil” in those gets depleted quickly.  The photos are not of the vegetable gardens (they are mostly bare patches of dirt) but rather (a portion of) our pumpkin harvest and the re-do on the front window boxes.

I love Autumn.  I love the color, the smells and the fresh air feeling.  Yesterday I burned some of my favorite candles and made pumpkin muffins.  The house smelled so nice.

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