1st day of Kindergarten*

*now with photos!

It seems like yesterday that I was just picking my baby up out of the orphanage. Now, 4 years later I took him to his first day of Kindergarten.

After 3 years in a private preschool we kind of dreaded the first day of Kindergarten. ?The boy cried last year when the preschool was moved from one side of the church to the other. ?He doesn’t like change… neither does his mother. ?We were sure that the transition from small private preschool to large public school would not be an easy one. ?We had a contingency plan just in case. ?The plan was to introduce him to the school over a series of visits through the Spring and Summer. ?We repeatedly asked the boy if he needed to go to the school to check it out and each time he told us he did not. ?After 4 years we have learned to go with his flow, whatever that may be.

Last Thursday we attended the back to school bbq and briefly met his teacher. ?When I say briefly I mean, “Hi, what is your name, what bus is he riding, ok, put your things there. ?Next.” ?The trusty husband and I had always planned to take him to school on the first day. ?The boy had the grand idea that he would get to ride the bus on the first day. ?He was so not robbing me of my motherly duty to drop my child off on his first day in a new big boy school.

kindergarten1We had our usual “can I watch this part of Handy Manny” moment and an argument over, “no you need your hair combed on the first day” ?(after that I don’t care). ?It took forever to get into the parking lot and we walked the boy into school and helped him find a chair to which he promptly started coloring as instructed.

The trusty husband and I milled around a bit just to make sure and then we looked at each other and said, “ok, we can go.” ?The boy was smiles and kissed us good-bye and we walked out. ?No drama, nothing.

kindergarten3Derek drove me home and I went to work in my office. ?No tears. ?I’m still a little shocked.

I picked the boy up from school and we talked about what his favorite part was. ?”Oh mommy, I LOVE recess.” ?Of course you do child. ?All kids love recess. ?He was a little sad that he didn’t get a short jumprope though. ?Maybe next time baby.

He really enjoyed his first day and can’t wait to go back. ?”But I really wish I could ride the bus home.”

You will baby. ?On Thursday.

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  1. I can’t believe he is in school.

  2. Lee says: Reply

    Way to go O! Hope you have a great year-love you lots!
    Auntie Lee

  3. Auntie G says: Reply

    What a guy!! I hope the bus ride is everything he hopes it is. Lots of love from Auntie G

  4. Aunt Jan says: Reply

    I can’t believe that he is in kindergarten already. Where does time go. Hope he had a good time on the bus ride. Give him a hug from his Aunt Jan and Uncle Tom. Love you al

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